WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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X-Tank 4.0

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X-Tank 4.0 from Vapmod is a remarkable sub-ohm tank that is adaptable with temperature control devices. Created with innovative design in mind, the X-Tank 4.0 Vape Mod Tank can hold up to an extraordinary 10mL of juice for long-lasting vape experiences all day! The X-Tank 4.0 Vape Mod Tank has three different ohm vape coil replacements, 0.6ohm, 0.2ohm, and Ni200 0.2ohm. X-Tank 4.0 Vape Mod Tanks have 510 threading and a spring loader that is very simple to connect. Easy to fill by the threaded caps on the barrel, with either top or bottom fill methods. The X-Tank 4.0 Vape Mod Tank barrel is separated from the wide-bore drip tip, making refills super clean and uncomplicated. You cannot be disappointed with this highly rated, affordable X-Tank 4.0 Vape Mod Tank. The best idea for your All Day vape companion, the X-Tank 4.0 Vape Mod Tank is constructed from some of the most superior 304 stainless steel, brass and Pyrex glass reinforcements. The BPDC system on the X-Tank 4.0 Vape Mod Tank has the ability to control temperatures and has up to 130 wattage for its high wattage allowance, administering exceptional customizable coil control and regulate juice to wick exposure. The X-Tank 4.0 Vape Mod Tank quad airflow is adjustable with four separate air slots for anywhere between light cloud puffs and densely rolling fogs. The X-Tank 4.0 Vape Mod Tank uses an unconventional double-barrel wide body efficient in 360 degree rotation. This feature makes the X-Tank 4.0 Vape Mod Tank easy to align with trendy vape box mods of all sizes for an amazing and original look. The X-Tank 4.0 Vape Mod Tank comes in three handsome colors: Black, Blue, and Red.

Features and Specs:

  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction

  • Stainless Steel Wide Bore 510 Drip Tip

  • 10mL E-Liquid Capacity

  • Top an Bottom Fill Method

  • Brass Spring-Loaded 510 Connection

  • BPDC - Bottom Parallel Dual Coil

  • 0.2ohm Head Coil: 90-130W

  • 0.6ohm Head Coil: 50-90W

  • 0.2ohm Ni200 Head Coil: 30-60W

  • Size: 42*62*22mm

Name X-Tank 4.0
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A very very good tank, well above average, A++ from me.

I have had my X tank for well over a year now, it is still going strong and couldn't be happier with it. I do need some new coils as I am down to one extra coil, I've got 1 coil installed just waiting for the right juice to put in. Which out of the few I have that will be with me long term, I have an idea which juice I'm gonna use.
That said, I do wish the coil at least the ones I have found are 0.6 ohm, I would really like a 0.4, 0.3 would be better, and a 0.2 or 0.25 would be ideal. Gonna have ta search, there has to be lower ohm coils around for this tank. Even though the 0.6 ohm coils do produce some really good flavor and when I jack the wattage up some can even fill a room with vapor. Though personally I think a .4 or .3 ohm coil would produce better flavor and more vapor. That is just me though, this is a really good tank, holds a shitload of juice so you don't need to fill it very often. Hell, 10 mls will hold me most of the morning, a good 3-4 hours of great vaping don't have ya stop and fill the tank every hour. Get it, you know you've been thinkin about gettin one but weren't sure if it would be a good buy or not. Let me tell you this is a really good well above average sub tank. It won't break the bank to get one you get a great tank for little cash, enough lefy over to get extra coils and a bottle of juice for it! Happy New Year to everyone! Be well, stay safe, God bless, and....VAPE ON! 12/30/2016

good tank, looks good too

just another good tank. i bought it in blue and didn’t really know what to expect but hey, it works pretty well. and it looks pretty cool too! 11/5/2016

love the x tank

wasn’t so sure about these x tanks but the one i got has prove itself time and time again. good vapor production, good capacity, nice drip tip, looks damn good 11/5/2016

Good & Affordable

good affordable tank. couldn’t have expected anything more than this tank for the $18. definitely can’t complain about the performance of it. i just got it so i don’t know how it will work long-term, but for now it works pretty well 11/5/2016

no issues

no issues with this yet but who knows what will happen. as of right now i am enjoying my xtank. good cloud producing device and it just works the way it should 11/5/2016

Reviews 1 to 5 of 6 total

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