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Von Erl - Starter Pack

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Von Erl
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Von Erl Starter Pack is a simple, easy to use starter kit. Simply insert a pod and you're good to go! It has a 350 mAh battery which is recharged via the micro USB port on the base of the device. The Von Erl is very user friendly and features a matte black finish that is soft to the touch. It allows for 1.6 ml capsules in capacity and offers a total of 47 flavors to choose from. Its rounded design and a lack of sharp corners give the product a more natural touch on the hand and mouth than other mod pods. Nevertheless, the detection device is stable and can stand on a flat surface without falling. It is an MTL device, which differentiates it from some of its larger cousins like Mistic 2.0, Xolo, Kimsun Air 10, or Hilo. It offers a hotter steam than some other mod pods, providing the richest and fullest flavour. It features an LED indicator on the bottom edge of the device that lights up when you inhale. The indicator changes color from green (high battery) to yellow (medium battery) to red (low battery). This little package includes everything you could ever need in a starter kit and more.

Features and Specs:

  • Size: 106 x 18 x 10 mm

  • Battery capacity: 350mAh

  • 1 amp charging

  • Pod capacity: 1.6 mL

  • Coil resistance: 1.5 ohm

  • Wicking material: cotton

  • Nicotine levels: from 0 up to 36 mg/mL

  • 47 different flavor pods available (12 from Von Erl / 35 from other manufacturers)
Name Von Erl - Starter Pack
Clearance Yes
Varieties No

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5 Review(s)

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Great starter pack

This is actually a good product. Easy to insert juice pods, no mess or issues at all..
If you need a easy to use starter pack, this is it. 12/8/2017

Best taste

I got this as a trial and error to see which one would get me off smoking cigarettes and by far this one has better taste for me. The pod that it comes with are really good they give the taste i want. The battery life is good lasts me about a day to 2 days. The functionality of this device is good, nice and small, very sleek. I have dropped it a couple times and it didnt break, the pods dont get loose over time, theyre still snug no rattle or anything. I think this is a very good closed system and i love that they have different types of juice that come in the pods and the taste is very good, not muted. 11/1/2017

Highly Recommend

This is the best closed system I have tried. If you are trying to stop the stinkies this is for you. Its light, small and as close a draw as I have ever tried. It seams that most starter kits now are sub-ohm and personally I think they are missing the point. While these dont look like a cig they do hit a lot like one and have a draw that mimics them. As long as you realize this is to help people stop smoking and not a cloud machine you will enjoy it 7/8/2017

Daily beater

This is a good cheap daily beater mod I love it keeps me from having to take my nice mods to work 6/2/2017

As long as you realize what its designed for its nice

As a closed system its a huge improvement over the older 510, 901 and 801 systems for starters. Still nicer than any eGo setup and I've tried them all. Granted for the $30 list price you can get a better mod and tank, the Smok stick comes to mind.

But for a no thought required beginners system which is what its designed to be its a very nice setup. Decent amounts of vapor. Again, not what you'd get from a sub ohm tank but more than enough to get someone to transition from cigarettes to a vaporizer. I have a few of these handy to grab for when I run errands or go shopping. Provides plenty to keep my cravings in check with a small device I can just toss in my pocket. 5/17/2017

5 Review(s)

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