WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vapor Tech Ni200 Coils - 5 Pack

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The VaporTech NI200 Coils 5 Pack is the perfect replacement coils for your electronic cigarette device! Considered by vapers to be one of the best on the market, these e-cig replacement coils are made from pure nickel wire. With a resistance of 0.2 ohms, you are sure to experience the maximum performance in your Vaportech Ark and Flip SF tanks. These electronic cigarette coils keep your e-cig tank in tip-top shape as well as ensure optimum flavor and vapor production!

These electronic cigarette coils include 100% Japanese organic cotton which is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly material for your wicks. With this organic cotton, you will avoid those burnt tastes and enjoy great tasting vapor clouds from your favorite e-liquid. Another great product from Vaper Tech that is sure to win the hearts of new and experienced vapers! VaporTech NI200 coils are worth every cent so get your hands on a pack today.

Features and Specs:

  • Made of pure nickel wire

  • Resistance of 0.2ohm - Ni200

Name Vapor Tech Ni200 Coils - 5 Pack
Clearance No
Resistance (ohm) 0.2 ohm (Ni200)

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best around

I would say they are the best in the market and ecig.com really has fast shipping. my order was at my door super fast and im definitely becoming a lifetime customer for these guys, great products and fast shipping A++ for ecig.com

no trouble with these coils

I have been having better tasting clouds ever since I got these coils. no horrible burnt tastes, just the smooth taste of my favourite e-juices, great coils!!

perfct coils for cloudagee

these coils are giving me some of the greatest clouds Ive ever had, I always look forward to vaping everyday because the vapor is really that good, haha. Bottom-line is I love them and they are in 5 packs, so awesome and cost effective and i don’t have to buy coils for a while whenever i get this pack

happy with my purchasee

im so glad I can use these for both my usual vopo kit and the mini vopo kit, great coils im glad they are making these, such must haves!!! if you like luscious vapor clouds youll love these


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