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Vape Tweezers by Coil Master

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If you’re a modder looking to make adjustments to your build while firing, you need to make sure you’re using ceramic tweezers to avoid any shorts.  Ceramic tips are non-conductive and can withstand heat up to 700°C. The Coil Master Vape Tweezers are a multi-functional tool that not only has ceramic tips for coil building but also features a wrench for gripping stuck atomizers or tanks.

Coil Master Vape Tweezers Features:
  • Choice of 3 Colors: Black, Red, or Yellow
  • Made of Polycarbonate and Ceramic
  • Precision Points Large Base Ceramic Tweezer
  • Knurled Atomizer Grip Base
    • Easily Remove and Loosen Atomizers and Sections
    • Fits 22mm to 25mm Diameters
  • Coil Grip
    • Easily Remove and Loosen Sub-Ohm Tank Coils
    • Fits 7mm to 12mm Diameters

These Coil Master Ceramic Tweezers are a must have tool for any vapers build kit. If you’re using a rebuildable atomizer, Kanthal wires are easier to shape and tighten while hot. If you try to do this with metal tweezers, you have to stop firing and try to adjust the coils before they cool. The metal actually draws heat away from the coil and can risk causing a short in your mod as well. Ceramic tweezers solve this problem, letting you adjust coils without the need to stop firing. The tweezers have precision tips so that you can make fine-tuned adjustments.

Frequent vapers will tend to run into problems from time to time with their mods where the atomizers and tanks get stuck together from the e-juice building up or accidentally screwing them on too tight. Trying to unscrew these pieces with your bare hands can be difficult. But with the help of this vaping tool, you can easily unscrew these locked up pieces with the built-in wrench. There is also a smaller grip area for coil removal and replacement.

The Coil Master Vape Tool is one of the most affordable, multi-functional tools available to vapers today. Pick one up and keep it with you at all times so you never have to worry about things interfering with your cloud chasing.

Name Vape Tweezers by Coil Master
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