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Dry Vaporizers

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Using Dry Vaporizers over smoking is the healthiest form of obtaining the same effect you get from smoking your tobacco, medical marijuana, or herbs because you avoid getting all of the toxins that smoking typically allows. There are electronic cigarettes for your dry herbs so no e-liquid is used with these. Your e-cigarette will not vape your dry herbs so it only makes sense that an ecig should only be used for e-juice. Vaping with Dry Vaporizers allows you to get that dry herb vape effect without any burning. Unlike an e-cig or ecigarette, you will not get the thick vapor clouds you might notice. That’s because with an electric cigarette, you are vaporizing liquid into those luscious clouds. The way this works is that the dry herb vape acts as a vaporizer to heat your herbs to the perfect temperature. This makes it so the herbs do not turn into ash, but rather you get everything you want while leaving behind the excess. People that have issues with their throats should use a convection vaporizer as opposed to a conduction vape because they’re not going to give you the harsher hits. When you’re in need of a discreet portable vaporizer or even a chilled out desktop vaporizer, using Dry Herbal vapes will definitely benefit your smoke seshes.