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Uwell Rafale X RDA Tank

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From the creators of the ever-popular Uwell Crown Tank comes the Rafale X RDA Tank! This tank utilizes a build deck that has a neutral post, making it so this tank is the first of its kind. By using a build deck with a neutral post, we’ve observed some truly intriguing builds that include high resistance builds containing larger wire. It is without a doubt that this atomizer is using some really innovative technology that is new to the vaping world.


The Uwell Rafale X RDA features some excellent machining when considering other atomizers found at this price. You don’t have to worry much about the o-ring tolerances, meaning it won’t fall off inside of your pocket, but taking the top cap off is not difficult. With the ASB drip tip o-rings being snug in comparison to the deck o-rings, it’s rather unlikely that you will pull it off by accident when removing the top cap. You also will not have any trouble taking it off when you want to because it is not too tight where it’d be difficult to remove. 


With this innovative neutral-post design, you can really make for some awesome builds. The Uwell Rafale X RDA Tank is also great for series boxes. With these features paired with machining you can depend on, a 24mm deck that allows for greater space when you are working on a bigger build, and an anti-spitback system, this device is well worth a try!



Features and Specifications

  • Patented Neutral Post System
    • 2mm by 2.5mm Diameter Terminals
    • Dual Post, Single Terminal ‘Dummy’ Posts
    • Removable
    • For Advanced Vapers Only
    • Allows for Ultra Complex Builds
  • 24mm Diameter
  • Active Two Post Design
    • Positioned Across the Deck
    • 5mm Deep Juice Well
    • 2mm by 2.5mm Diameter Terminals
    • Works in Conjunction with Neutral Posts
  • ASB Drip Tip System
    • Spiral Entry and Exit
    • Anti Spit Back System
  • Designed Airflow Intakes
    • Cloud Mode
      • 2mm by 3.5mm Bottom Airslots
      • 4mm by 3mm Top Airslot
      • Triangular Design
    • Flavor Mode
  • Wide Surface Area Build Deck
  • Brass 510 Contact
  • PEEK Insulation

Product Includes

  • 1 x Uwell Rafale X RDA Tank
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Screwdriver and Parts Pack
Name Uwell Rafale X RDA Tank
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Potential bargain but plenty of great alternatives

I got this at $9, and at one point it was as low as $3.

I got this as my dripper and while it was a great learning experience I would have much rather just have gotten a geekvape tsunami.

Part of my logic in picking this up was that it would allow a lot more freedom in build choices. However, I had instances where previously tightened screws came loose and would cause a short. It didn't happen too often but when you lose faith in the ability of the screws to hold, the potential safety with lower ohm coils this mod offers disappears.

I really like the anti-spitback design, and as my first dripper it made me realize how much different flavor could be from a typical rta.

If you can get it at a low price its likely a bargain for most users - but I personally would be too worried about the screws/threads stripping or coming loose to use on a mech. 1/17/2017
Jim spencer

Great, try it you'll love it!

Love this thing! I bought 4 of them. I use the nuteral post, put a regular 5 wrap 28g ss316, comes out to around 0.85 ohms. Big flavor, lots of Vapor, only running this build at 23 watts and loving it. 12/10/2016

Loving this RDA!

I have a handful of RDAs. I typically like to use tanks but sometimes I'll build on an RDA if I'm relaxing at home or just want to try a new juice. I bought this off ecig.com for $8 (I think it was a sale) and I am impressed with it. It is well built and the juice well is decent capacity. Folks complaining about this RDA probably didn't read the instructions. If you build dual coils using the neutral posts in the center, you're going to get double the resistance so two .5 ohm coils will give you 1 ohm resistance. This is by design. So you can't build dual coils like you would in a typical 3 or 4 post RDA because the center posts are neutral and the outer posts on one side are positive and the other negative. There are youtube videos explaining this. If you do want to build duals coils that are parallel, you have to have to attach the coils to the outer posts only and just ignore the center posts or remove it altogehter. Some like to remove the center post because it allows more room for juice.

Having said all of that, I'm doing dual coils using the outer posts only and I'm enjoying it. For the price you can't beat it and you can build decent size coils in this baby (not einny tiny coils!). Maybe the only downsize for some is lack of bottom airflow. There is no airflow on the bottom so when you're inhaling the only airflow the coils are going to get is from the side holes. Also, some don't like the anti-spit back system in the drip tip. It doesn't bother me so much. I'm not sure if you can remove it or not but it looks pretty thick (much thicker than the anti-spit back section in the Rafale tank). On, the plus size you may be able to use a drip tip from one of your other RDAs provided it's big enough (these are NOT 510 drip tips)!

I've bought some cheaper clone RDAs (say 10-15 dollars), some mid range (around 25-35 dollar range) and even splurged on one expensive (a Kennedy for about $100). In comparison, this is just as good as those in my opinion and would allow for some incredible quad coil builds for those that like mechanical mods. That's not me but with this RDA you have several options so a variety of vapers could use this RDA. Building on it isn't that difficult but if you're a novice it will take some time and patience (as it would on most RDAs). This is a great RDA, well built and clean out of the box. I highly recommend and I would advise to shop around. The gamut of price ranges for this is between 20-30 dollars but you could probably find one for a bit less. I was hesitant to buy another RDA but I wish this was around when I first started vaping. It's a good one! 12/1/2016
Matt R

flavor and cloud CHAMP!

This is the first rda I have loved enough to write a review on it. This thing is pure beast, just by a simple twist it goes from a flavor factory to full on fog machine. I happened to be fortunate enough to snag mine during a black friday flash sale but even at full price I am thinking of grabbing. A second one. 12/1/2016

Terrible Company.

DO NOT BUY THIS! I just bought one for my brand new wismec reuleaux. Put the coils on and it is not reading anything correctly. I tried emailing ecig.com twice with no response. Terrible customer service. I will never be buying from them again! 11/12/2016

Reviews 1 to 5 of 33 total

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