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Uwell D1 Coil 4 Pack

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The Uwell D1 Coil 4 Pack is the perfect set of replacement electronic cigarette coils for your ecig tank, specially engineered for the Uwell D1 Sub-Ohm e-cig tank. They feature an innovative design, tailored to boost flavor and vapor production for longer and better vaping sessions. The D1 ecig coils come in three presentations which differ on their resistance: 0.25 ohm, 0.5 ohms, and 0.8 ohms. The 0.25 and 0.5ohm versions are ready to be used with either the standard wattage mode or temperature control mode, if your vape tank supports them, while the 0.8-ohm product is built with Kanthal wire. All of them feature large wicking ports, ensuring a better experience filled with flavor and taste.

Optimized to be leak-proof, the vape coil heads feature three O-ring seals. Each ecig coil is encased in a stainless steel construction, built to promote a long lifespan, lower juice consumption and an excellent balance between large clouds and flavor. Regarding wattage, the 0.25-ohm ecig coil works with a range of 50 to 70W to increase vapor clouds for even the most intense vaper. The 0.5 ohm works with 50 to 70W getting the perfect mix between flavor and vapor. Lastly, the 0.8 ohms is designed to work with 35W to 55W, lasting longer and optimizing taste.

These vape coils are a perfect choice towards an excellent mid-wattage performance. With its features, this coil pack will give you a definite taste and last for long before a replacement is required. They follow all the safety recommendations, and will give your Uwell D1 Sub-ohm ecig tank an outstanding output, no matter your wattage preference!

Features and Specs:

  • Pack of Four

  • Innovative design with four wicking ports

  • Three ecig coil options: 0.25 ohms, 0.5 ohms, 0.8 ohm

  • SUS316 coil for the 0.25 and 0.5-ohm versions

  • Kanthal coil for the 0.8-ohm version

  • Compatible with the Uwell D1 Sub-ohm ecig tank

Name Uwell D1 Coil 4 Pack
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Big Ol Bernie

Best tank-Coil system used so far

I've been running the Uwell U1 tank with .5 and .25 ohm coils for several months now on my MVP 3 Pro mod. So far, I have had no real issues with either. Of the 6 or so coils I've used, only one had a leaky gasket. The problem was easy to fix (take out the coil, wipe it off, and screw it back in the tank tight) and didn't really impede my chain-vaping nature too much. As far as flavor is concerned, on my MVP 3 the .5 coil provides a much cleaner flavor than the .25 coil does. Both coils, however, last at least 2-3 weeks before the flavor starts to dull. 10/21/2017

Best coils I’ve ever used

These coils are amazing. The D1 has become my favorite tank and it’s because of the coils. They just last forever and have amazing flavor. Remember to empty your condensation cup though or it will leak into your 510 in most mods. This is because the pin pushes up to make contact with the coil and juice can get around the little o ring that’s in there. Other than that, stock up on these coils because they last a good 3-6 weeks each depending on the juice you’re using and they go out of stock quick because those of us in the know buy them up as soon as they come in! 9/28/2017

Great coils for an awesome tank

I use the .25 ohm coils and found them to perform extremely well. They produce nice flavor and seem to last a long long time. I just wish they were in stock more often. Guess I'm not the only one who love these coils huh! Lol 9/2/2017

Love these

I love these coils,I've used 0.5 and 0.8 they both good .8 is my favorite. The taste is clear great clouds and they last for a long time. These coils and the D1 tank is my favorite set up.I will order multiple coils as soon as they are available. 7/28/2017
Jim hong

Great coils!

It's one of the best coils! I love the d1 and if you have a D1 try the 0.8 ! 7/7/2017

Reviews 1 to 5 of 24 total

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