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Uwell - Crown V3 Coils - 4 Pack

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Uwell - Crown V3 Coils - 4 Pack are the next generation of the Crown V2 coils that have proved to be enormously popular with the electronic cigarette community. Uwell, a premium e-cig manufacturer, pride themselves on their attention to detail and quality in their choice of material selection and manufacturing methods.

These electronic cigarette replacement coils, like the V2 coils, utilize the high-quality Japanese stainless steel (SU316) to form the parallel coil structure. The parallel arrangement leads to a greater surface area, which means more surface area for you e-liquid to be wicked onto; creating huge flavor. 100% organic cotton has been carefully selected to act as the wick as its superior absorbency properties make it less likely that you'll suffer from a nasty dry hit. Organic cotton is also the cleanest way to transfer intense and crisp flavor to your vapor.

The Crown V3 coils are available in 0.25ohm and 0.5ohm resistances; perfect for customizing your sub-ohm vaping experience. As they are constructed from stainless steel, these coils are suitable for use with a temperature controlled device. The ecig coils are easy to change as they feature an ergonomic plug-pull mechanism that installing and removing your coils a breeze.

The high-quality materials and build of these e-cig coils give them an outstanding lifespan the impresses even the most experienced vapers. For long-lasting coils that deliver an epic level of sub-ohm cloud and flavor, these Uwell Crown V3 coils are some of the best on the market at the moment if you love to vape.

Features and Specs:

  • Pack of 4 coils

  • 100% organic cotton

  • SU316 parallel coil

  • Plug-pull mechanism

  • Recommended wattage (0.25ohm):80W – 90W

  • Recommended wattage (0.5ohm): 70W – 80W

Name Uwell - Crown V3 Coils - 4 Pack
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Great Flavor and long lasting coils if used at 55.5 watts MAX. I found anything higher than that, they seemed to burn out Fast ! I could never get any kind of life out of the coils with any wattage higher than 55.5. Using at 55.5 watts I got just as good of clouds and flavor out of the coils and good longevity. Don't pay any attention to the 70-80 watt rating.I started using them at 65.0 Watts,thinking that would be a great medium. Wrong! I was getting maybe two full tanks with my Crown 3 tank at the most before coils Burnt Out ! I almost just quit using the Crown 3 thinking these coils Suck! At 65.0 watts I was below the wattage rating to begin with.But tried them at 55-55.5 watts and now getting great life out of them. I think Crown needs to lower their wattage rating on the coils to 50 to 60 watts at the most.I use the 0.5 ohm.But same with the 0.25ohm.They just can't handle what Crown rates them at. Period! 3/15/2018

Awesome flavor and quick shipping

Coils are awesome and will give you at least a weak and a half of life. Shipping was fast no complaints here. 9/21/2017

Great coil for a great tank

Great coils with solid life! Typically I see well over two weeks on each coil, unless I change flavors a lot; or if I vape really sweet juices. Vapor production is outstanding, and the flavor is matched only by rda's and rta's that typically cost a lot more intially. The coil is by far the EASIEST system I've experienced for changing coils. Completely foolproof. And the price just seals the deal! 9/19/2017

Awesome coils for a great tank!

I have been using the Crown 1, the Uwell D1, and now I just added the Crown 3 to my Arsenal. For me these coils are Uwell's best coils yet. I absolutely love the way they perform. They produce great flavor and they hit like a champ! I totally recommend these coils and the Crown 3. 9/15/2017

great products from uwell

these coils are some of the best I have used and are great quality thanks ecig 9/5/2017

Reviews 1 to 5 of 13 total

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