WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Triple Hand Spinner - Metal Rainbow Orbit

Triple Hand Spinner - Metal Rainbow Orbit

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Triple Hand Spinner - Metal Rainbow Orbit is a simple but addictive gadget that is claimed to help you focus, expel nervous energy, and decrease your anxiety levels. It's a simple concept; this hand spinner is a bearing that you grip between your thumb and forefinger and then spin the ‘propeller' with your other hand. This beautiful metallic hand spinner creates a stunning visual as it rotates at high speeds with a satisfying weight behind it as the natural forces act upon it as you move your hand from side to side.

If you're cutting down your nicotine intake with the help of electronic cigarettes, you may find yourself fidgety and anxious as your body craves another hit of nicotine.  This triple hand spinner helps keep your hands busy, and your mind distracted to take your focus off of your craving. It's also the perfect gadget if you frequently smoke your e-cigarette throughout the day but find yourself in a situation where you unable to get outside. Similar to reducing your nicotine intake, playing with this spinner will distract your mind until the urge passes.

A bonus is that a fidget spinner is, unlike your e-cig, safe for kids to play with, so you're able to share the fun with younger family members. At family gatherings where it's impolite to get up and vape, you can distract yourself and entertain the kids all at the same time! With so many potential benefits, not just for those who enjoy smoking an ecig, it's no wonder that fidget spinners have been a smash hit in 2017.

Features and Specs:

  • Helps curb nicotine cravings

  • Triple hand spinner

  • Mesmerizing rainbow metal

Name Triple Hand Spinner - Metal Rainbow Orbit
Clearance No
Colors / Finish Rainbow

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