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Tobeco Super Tank Mini -Zombie

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Tobeco Super Tank Mini Zombie is the best electronic cigarette tank you can get on the vaping market! If you are looking for a fantastic e-cig tank that offers high quality, brilliant air-flow, and replaceable parts, then look no further. And with a name like “Zombie” it also has some major street cred. This sub-ohm e-cig tank can replace vape coils. While most zombies eat brains, this one will give you a mind-blowing experience with the ability to use the same ecig coils as the Tobeco Super Tank. It can hold 4 ml of the e-liquid of your choice without a problem. Measuring only  58mm high, it is a really compact item. And the airflow has never been better. Get ready for some tasty vapor coming your way! The materials behind this e-cig tank are top notch quality, like the 304-stainless steel, aluminum, Pyrex glass and silver! It even has a silver-plated contact pin. With one of the lowest prices on the market, this is a classic example that great quality does not have to come a huge price. But not only is it inexpensive, it’s also really easy to use and is compatible with lots of other electronic cigarette coils on the market. This is the must-have ecig tank, even in a Zombie apocalypse!

 Features and Specs:

            •           Capacity: 4ml

            •           Made from aluminum, 304 stainless steel and Pyrex glass

            •           Original design by Tobeco

            •           Compatible with original super tank ecig coils

            •           Large air holes

            •           Airflow control

            •           Height: 58mm

            •           Compatible with 0.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm vape coils

            •           PM drip tip

            •           510 threading

            •           Silver-plated contact pin

            •           Top fill


Name Tobeco Super Tank Mini -Zombie
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Worst thing about it is the name.

TL:DR version: Buy this tank, or the 25mm Mini. Do it now. This is easily one of the best values in vaping.

This is my sixth tank of the "Supertank" series. I have owned one first-gen "Tobeco Super Tank", and currently own 4 "Mini Supertank" (this item), as well as one "Mini Supertank 25mm". (This company's naming conventions are terrible!)

So the difference between them all is as follows:
- The first-gen "Tobeco Super Tank" is the tall one available in four colors. The top caps aren't compatible with the 22mm or 25mm Mini. The airflow basically has two adjustments. Since the tank is a bit taller, the flavor isn't nearly as good as the Mini Super Tank series.
- 2nd gen "Mini Super Tank" (aka "Mini Supertank" or "22mm Super Tank Mini"), which is 22mm diameter: Holds 4ml liquid, flavor is amazing. Airflow has 6 clicky adjustments.
- 2nd gen "Mini Super Tank 25mm" (aka "25mm Mini Supertank"), which is the 5ml capacity version of the aforementioned tank. It's wider and shorter than the 22mm version. Flavor is almost identical to the 22mm Mini Supertank. Airflow ring has 5 clicky settings instead of 6.

-=Pro's, Con's, then some bonus tips!=-

+++ Flavor: In terms of flavor, this is the best I've found, short of the juice guzzling 800 watt 36 coil tanks. (I'm looking at you, SmokTech.) I've tried several other tanks not worth mentioning. The Uwell D1 is close, and so is the Uwell Crown (1st version) . Both of their vapes are a bit more dense, but Supertank wins out in terms of pure flavor.

++ Cloudz: I don't care much about clouds. But the 0.2 Tobeco coil will do more of that than the stock 0.5 coil. That being said, the 0.5 ohm coil has a satisfying amount. You actually feel like you're smoking.

+++ Efficiency: This tank is not a juice guzzler. This will ofc vary with the coils and settings you choose to run. This is important to me, as juice can get expensive over time.

+++ Versatility: This tank accepts all Atlantis style coils with a top thread, so you have buckets of options across resistances and materials. Want SS notch coils for TC and efficiency? BAM, use Tobeco's 0.3 ohm notch coils. Want to use clapton coil for max flavor? BAM, use Aspire's Triton 0.5 ohm claptons. Want ceramic wick coils? BAM, Vaporesso's CCell series has got you covered. I've seen coils range from 0.2 to 1.8 ohms for this baby. (My overall favorite is the stock Tobeco 0.5 ohm coil, though.) Also, this tank has 5 clicky airflow adjustments, so you can further tune your vape (the 22mm has 6 clicky adjustments). There's really something for everyone here.

++ Design: Amazing. The construction and finish seems quite durable. Machining of the components is good, not "butter smooth", but nothing grinds or is rough feeling. The parts were made to fit nicely together. This tank will NOT leak, so long as you take care to install the coil properly. (More on that below.) Mini Supertank is top-fill, just unscrew the cap/drip tip. I would recommend filling from unicorn bottles. Glass droppers don't fit 100%, so you have to fill a bit slower with them. The tank is very easy to maintain and clean. Everything comes apart so you can wash & dry it easily without a hassle or special tools. Heck, you don't even need to clean it often. I generally run 1 flavor profile in each tank, so I only wash mine when swapping coils.

+++ Size: These tanks are tiny. Even the 25mm tank is short compared to many other tanks. The 22mm version makes for a great portable setup combined with iStick Pico 75w. That combination will stow safely in the coin pocket of a pair of jeans.

- Drip Tip: My only real gripe with this tank is the combination drip tip/cap. You cannot use your favorite 510 tip without purchasing a separate adapter. The stock cap/tip is adequate, but it'll get pretty hot while chain vaping at the max wattage for the stock coils. Tobeco sells a 510 adapter so you can use your favorite drip tip. They also sell a few widebore caps. I prefer the "savage chuff" widebore version sold elsewhere. I really wish they'd make a thicker delrin cap/neck with a nice acrylic tip. You can, of course get around all of this by owning several tanks, and just swap them every few minutes, eh eh eh :) Even with that complaint, this tank is almost perfectly designed.

Here's how I ensure zero leaking: When threading the coil in, gently press in, and rotate it counter-clockwise until you feel the coil drop down a hair from passing the end of the receptacle's threading. THEN rotate the coil clockwise and thread it until it is firmly seated. Do *not* go crazy tightening it, this bunches up a seal at the bottom, which will cause leaking. The entire tank is designed to be hand-tightened. Once I figured this out, I haven't seen a leak in almost 3 months. Also, make sure your seals are intact. Don't lose 'em down the drain. Replace them if they're cracked.

Another tip is to pick out the larger top cap seal before washing your tank. Otherwise, the pressure from a water faucet will cause the seal to come loose & probably go down the drain. You *can* run the tank without these seals, though! Just dab a little bit of e-liquid in it's place, it'll make the seal. Alternately, you can purchase a few "18mm*16mm*1.0mm" o-rings. They're stupid cheap.

If you are having trouble getting your tank unscrewed, there's a few methods to help. First method is to use the supplied Allen wrench. Simply place it through the airflow hole to act as a lever. I find this a bit fiddly because you need a third hand to make the wrench stay in place. Second method is to loosely wrap a piece of electrical tape around the bottom assembly. This joins the bottom part and the airflow ring, so you can get a nice grip on the tank to unscrew it. Please note that I say *loosely* because really sticking the tape onto your tank may cause the paint to come loose over time. Honestly, though, these methods are pretty much for the first time you disassemble your tank. If you only hand-tighten it back together, you shouldn't have any problems in the future.

About coils: My overall favorite is the stock 0.5 ohm Tobeco coil. It runs great between 32 and 50 watts. These things can last up to four weeks at lower wattage, three if you run them at 50 watts. Using super sweet or dark liquids will gunk them up a bit sooner, though. The Tobeco 0.2 ohm coil can do up to 70 watts, but as mentioned before, the tank's stock drip tip can't really handle the heat with chain vaping. This is definitely a coil for those of you with more lung power. The Tobeco 0.3 ohm notch coils have a bit less airflow, but more efficiency in terms of coil and battery life. You can also temp control them for even more customization to your vape. Aspire's Triton 0.5 ohm clapton edge out the Tobeco 0.5 in terms of flavor and airflow at the cost of longevity. I have more coils coming in, so will report on those as I test them.

I hope this (lengthy) review helps people who are unsure about the purchase. Again, this tank is pretty much a no-brainer. I included my solutions to issues that I encountered as a new user, in order to help you master your Supertank. After learning these lessons, the Supertank basically becomes almost perfect. Would I recommend this tank? Most definitely. Would I purchase it again? I did, 5 times.

good price for what it is

such a cool looking tank with the blood splatter. im kinda…gothic…so this really is something i just had to have and at this price, ecig.com is like giving them away 11/5/2016

love blood...i dont knwow why

big blood fan here and this tank just makes my heart skip a beat, lol. fell in love with the look and the price and now i love the performance too. i have the white one 11/5/2016

party party party

would have never guessed that this zombie tank would perform like it does. honestly i bought it because of how it looked and i figured it would be cool to have for this Halloween party i was going to. everyone, and i mean everyone, was asking me about it at the party. thanks ecig.com for shipping it fast. i didn’t think it would get to me in time 11/5/2016

not a fan, the guy i am banging is though

i don’t like this tank at all but i am so used to my all in one device that this just seems too complicated. i just don’t like separate devices. i gave it to this guy i am seeing and he hasn’t stopped thanking me though so it is a good tank, just not for me. i’ll give it 5 stars just because he is so happy with it 11/5/2016

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