WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Tesla 160W TC Box Mod - Black Carbon Fiber

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The Tesla 160W TC Box Mod - Black Carbon Fiber is a beautifully designed mod from Teslacigs. Not to be confused with Tesla electric cars, Teslacigs is a dedicated and premium electronic cigarette manufacturer.

Tesla has used aluminum and carbon fiber to create a lightweight and stylish mod that fits comfortably in your hand. This e-cig box mod has a variable wattage (VW) and a temperature control (TC) mode, so regardless of how you like to vape, this mod will work for you. The temperature control mode allows for a smoother, longer vape without the risk of getting a dry hit from burnt cotton.

Temperature control allows you to get the best flavor out of your e-liquid by experimenting with temperature to find its sweet spot. It's also possible to create giant vapor clouds and is a popular choice with cloud chasers. The OLED display shows the wattage, resistance, temperature, and battery level. You can easily configure the temperature to be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on your preference. To lock the device, simply press the fire button five times rapidly, and the OLED screen will display "LOCKED CLICK 5X", to unlock repeat pressing the button five times.

The screen can even be customized for the convenience of left-handed users. 15 discreet air holes on the bottom provide great venting for the two 18650 batteries (not included). Batteries can be easily changed by removing the magnetic back plate by pressing the small tab on the bottom of the ecig mod.

Features and Specs:

  • Bright OLED display

  • 510 threads

  • 11V output voltage

  • Takes two 18650 batteries

  • Resistance range (VW): 0.15 – 3.5ohm

  • Wattage range: 7W - 160W

  • Temperature range (TC): 100-300℃/200-600℉

Name Tesla 160W TC Box Mod - Black Carbon Fiber
Clearance No
Colors / Finish Black Carbon Fiber

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Not Bad

Its ok likes others have stated get rattle from buttons and the battery indicator is incorrect. I dont like the fact it doesn't have a usb port for upgrading firmware or charging but the price was good, you get what you pay for. The other thing is the menu takes some getting use to. Works good in wattage and temp mode. Hits goods with all my tanks, battery life seems best with my eleaf 3000mah batteries installed. my Sony and Samsung batteries dont last both are 2500mah batteries. All in all a good mod for the money 12/5/2015
_sticksandstones_ on instagram

Awesome for starters and experienced !

Awesome awesome awesome mod. for starters and experienced vapors. 160 watts and temp control! plus the light weight carbon fiber design. amazing !!!! 11/23/2015

Update Review

(1) The battery life is great however the battery indicator doesn't seem correct- it shows no bars when there is still 3.6v in each battery AND I can continue vaping for over another day with zero bars showing. (2) The "warm up boost" feature of briefly applying more voltage than set to has been working good on 25w and higher builds but when I go under 25w with some coils it heats them too much for a second before it comes down to the set voltage. For example I build a 28ga 12w single but at the button press it hits high for a second to heat it up- a 28ga 12w coil doesn't need that! I can feel even on the kanger subtank 1.2ohm when set to 22w as well. It has even burnt out a couple 28 and a couple 26ga builds I did when it tried to initially read the ohms and boost it at the same time even when the initial wattage was set way low (also make sure to set it to kanthal mode without and atty attached, see 3 below) It has taken some experimenting on what setting to use with my under 25w coils and coil builds. You can check the boost voltage with a voltage reader that has + and - leads but putting a dripper build on it and firing while the + and - of the dripper are connected to the voltmeter. (3) When you put in fresh batteries make sure no atomizer is screwed on. It will default to temp mode every time so if you accidentally fire it it may toast your kanthal build. Make sure the atomizer is unscrewed then adjust temp settings or put it in kanthal mode. Then put your atomizer on and start in a lower setting until it can read the resistance. (4) The carbon fiber is definitely not a sticker. I can see the thickness of the inlay when I take off the battery door. It looks real, has depth to it, and looks woven to me. (5) The carbon fiber panels are doing a very good job at hiding scratches from putting in my key pcket (6) My paint looks like new and is holding up very well, better than any of the other 30+ mods I've had, even on the bottom where I set it down and on the sides where I put it in my key pocket 10/31/2015


Like the mod a lot however, buttons are very loose you can hear them shake. Goes threw batterys fast also. overall i would have up to buy the snowolf or ipv.... 10/21/2015

This box deserves hype!

I have owned 6 temp boxes so far. IPV3 Li, Ipv D2, Xcube 2, DNA 40, IPV4 and now this tesla 160. My faves of those are the d2 and the Tesla. I was very surprised the Tesla can adjust watts AND temp, a feature a lot of boxes lack- they only let you adjust temp. It can also vape titanium just fine (adjust the temp a little to compensate for coefficient). I mostly vape kanthal and nichrome so I tested the voltage output under load in non-temp mode and it is accurate. However it does a nice short "warm up" boost at the press of the fire button for a split second before it comes down to the voltage on the display- a feature I enjoy as it eliminates ramp up time in my experience. It is spring loaded, all of the attys I have tried so far fit flush to the "landing pad" of the 510, however the 510 landing pad does not sit flush with the top of the mod which is a feature I wish all mods had. This way your device is screwed on tight but does not scratch the top of the device. The mod is very light for a dual 18650 even more so when paired with a lightweight atty (Isub plastic, goblin mini v2, plastic bell capped Kanger Subtank derringer, etc). It is about the size of a sigelie 150. It has button rattle from all 3 buttons but can not be heard from my regular vape usage. The rattle does not bother me as I don't hear it unless I shake it (why would I shake a vape mod?) so I never hear it. The battery door has good magnets and a tight fit- no probs at all. I've only used it in temp mode under 50w on dual and single titanium. So far in temp mode it has more vapor and flavor than the other six I mentioned. I have tried at least 30 variable wattage mods and this Tesla has been accurate for me in wattage mode as well. Overall I'm very impressed because it does what was advertised and it does it well. That doesn't sound like much but it is. Check out Pbusardo on youtube and you will see how many mods suck and don't do what they say. This Tesla hasn't been hyped up yet works very well for very little money in my opinion. I wish this was one of the first mods I bought instead of going through 30+ variable wattage mods and 6 temp mods before finding this. 10/11/2015

Reviews 1 to 5 of 6 total

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