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Steam Crave Aromamizer SC-200 Tank- 6ml
11 Review(s)

Regular Price: $35.18

Special Price $14.66

Vapor Tech Flip Tank
7 Review(s)
Ohmega Beast Tank
11 Review(s)
Ohmega Hybrid BFT Tank
17 Review(s)
Lotus Legend Mini Tank
5 Review(s)
Joyetech Ultimo Tank
6 Review(s)
Ijoy Reaper Tank
18 Review(s)

Regular Price: $9.29

Special Price $8.79

Ohmega Alpha One Tank
5 Review(s)
Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank
2 Review(s)
Tobeco Super Tank Mini
12 Review(s)
Vapor Tech Ark Tank
14 Review(s)
Smok TFV8 Baby Tank
30 Review(s)
Tobeco Super Tank
6 Review(s)
Aspire Atlantis Evo Tank
10 Review(s)
Sense Blazer Mini Tank
1 Review(s)

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Items 1 to 20 of 28 total

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Sub Ohm vaping is not for everyone, but if you’re in need of a vaporizer that is going to bring you those satisfying vapor clouds, then you’ll want to get into it! Everyone puffing on a sub ohm vape grins from ear to ear with the incredibly flavorful vapor plumes they produce! When using an electronic cigarette, using sub ohm tanks makes the experience that much better. As some people call it, sub ohming is using an atomizer that is capable of being fired at less than 1 ohm of resistance. This results in some of the biggest clouds we’ve ever seen! We’ve seen countless vapers ditch their old e-cigarette to trade it in for a sub ohm e-cigarette they can be proud of! When showing off an ecig, having a sub ohm device makes it that much more appealing, meaning you’ll be the envy of all of your friends when you’re boasting a sub ohm ecig from! We carry only the highest quality products and with that being known, just know that your sub ohm ecigarette will be your new favorite vaping toy! Upgrade your old electric cigarette and bring your vapor clouds to the next level with a sub ohm vape!