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Subego Coil 5 Pack

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The Subego Coil 5 Pack is the solution to a simple but annoying problem. Ever been bummed out by looking for replacement coils? Maybe your coil gave out suddenly, or you haven’t had the time to replace it and all of a sudden, you need to enjoy a vaping session and your coil hasn’t been replaced because you kept meaning to do it but never quite got round to it? Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Driving around - hard to find the perfect fit? ALL of that is now in the past. Looking for replacement coils can be so unbelievably tedious, but this very problem has found a solution in the Subego Coil 5 Pack. With 5 coils that you know you can depend on! These bad boys allow for some premium vapor production as well as flavor infusion, making them the obvious choice over the untold options! You’ll be able to choose from Ni200 0.1ohm coils as well as the OCC 0.5ohm coils. The great thing about these coils is that they come in packs of 5, meaning you won’t find yourself having to buy new coils the next day! You’ll love the Subego Coil 5 Pack and all these coils can do to make your vapor clouds that much better!


Features & Specifications:

  • 5 Coils Per Pack
  • Comes in Ni200 0.1ohm or OCC 0.5ohm
  • Superior Vapor & Flavor Production
  • ROFT Vapor Product
Name Subego Coil 5 Pack
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