WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Space Jam Galactica

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Space Jam
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We hope you’ve braced yourself for this one, because as soon as you try this perfectly crafted flavor, you’ll feel like you’ve zoomed off into the Galactica! Space Jam’s Galactica e-liquid is an absolutely superb flavor. It’s the combination of delicious, sweet, ripe strawberries that will coat your mouth with thickness. While the strawberries that you’ll taste is the base flavor and most dominant, it is followed by a crisp, bubbly champagne that is sure to send you out of this world. During the inhale, you immediately taste the strawberries, while the exhale is more-so the precise champagne. Once you give this flavor a try, you’ll know that it has been blended with just the right amount of each flavor to provide the ultimate galactic experience.

Space Jam went beyond focusing on just the flavor, however, they also wanted Galactica e-liquid to perform just as well as it tastes. With that being said, they’ve mixed this e-liquid with a 50/50 ratio. Just enough PG for an incredible flavor, and just the right amount of VG to help you produce large plumes of vapor. If you’re looking for an outstanding flavor filled with delicious strawberries and just the right note of bubbly champagne, we’re sure you’ll absolutely love Galactica by Space Jam.

Name Space Jam Galactica
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Varieties Fruity

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