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Sony Authentic VTC6 3000mah - 30A 2 Pack

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The Sony Authentic VTC6 3000mah - 30A 2 Pack is the choice you should make when it comes to finding the best vape batteries to fit your mod. If you want a great running power, the Sony Authentic is the way to go. After all, that’s one of the most important aspects for a good vape. With great running power, the Sony Authentic has a great performance span. The Sony Authentic VTC6 3000mah, comes in a 2 Pack (30A) and has a long lifespan of 4.2V +/- 0.05V (full-charge). The Sony Authentic Pack is 65.85mm in height, 18.33mm in diameter, and 45.0g in weight -extremely portable! These amazing Lithium-Ion batteries has a continuous discharge current up to 20 Amps (when at around 25 Celsius)! These batteries also come with safety temperatures at rates of 95A < 0.5 sec, 65A < 1 sec, 40A < 5 sec, 30A < 6 sec! So don’t forget to store them in a cool, dry place since the Sony Authentic can be stored for up to 1.5 years at -30 to 25 degrees Celsius, 3 Months from 30-45, and 1 Month from 390-60 degrees Celsius. Good price, with great performance!

Features and Specs:

  • Lithium-ion Batteries (2, Rechargeable)

  • Height: 65.85mm

  • Diameter: 18.33mm

  • Weight: 45.0g

  • Flat Top

  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V

  • Discharge Voltage (2.5V)

  • Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V +/- 0.05V

  • Max Rated Discharge Current: 20 Amps (at 25°C)

  • Standard Charge: CC/CV @ 1 amp / 4.20 Volts +/- 0.5V, 100mA Cut-Off

  • Package of 2 High Amp Batteries

  • Rapid Charge: CC/CV @ 4 amps / 4.20 Volts +/- 0.5V, 100mA Cut-Off

  • Nominal Capacity: 2500mAh

  • Cycle Info: Capacity Drops to 60% after 250 Full Charge/Discharge Cycles

  • Charging Temperature Range: 0 to 50°C (Best below 45°C)

  • Discharging Temperature Range: -20 to 75°C (Best below 60°C)

  • Safe Pulse Discharge Rates (95A < 0.5 sec, 65A < 1 sec, 40A < 5 sec, 30A < 6 sec)

  • Can store for Up to 1.5 Years at -30 to 25°C, 3 Months at 30 to 45°C, and 1 Month at 30 to 60°C

Name Sony Authentic VTC6 3000mah - 30A 2 Pack
Colors / Finish Black/Silver

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