WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Ohmega Wire - 3mm 10 Pack

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The Ohmega Wire – 10 Pack allows you to create vaping coils for better taste and a cleaner chamber. This 10-pack comes with different types: fused Clapton, twisted wire, flat twisted, mix twisted, tiger wire, and alien Clapton wires. These coils will make your vaporizer cleaner and a lot tastier, as well as making your vaper clouds bigger and smoother.

The reason why these vape coils make your vaping experience much more enjoyable, is that the coils are bigger than regular coils in standard vaporizers, so more smoke can go through the chamber, releasing a bigger cloud. The coils also come in 3mm and 4mm, so you can choose which type you want to vape with, unlike many other packs that come with one size coils.

They are high-quality made, which is why vapers are placing their orders and if you want to modify and enhance your vaporizer, these coils are perfect for a quality smoking experience. Another advantage to these coils is that you can also use them to build a new RDA (rebuilding dripping atomizer), which is extremely trendy now for the modern vaper. All in all, these coils make a big difference and it will make your vaping a much smoother experience.

Everyone wants their vaporizer cleaner, tastier, and modifiable. Ohmega is here to make that happen.

Features and Specs:

  • Quality Coils

  • Ohmega Product

  • Variety of Wires to Choose From

    • Twisted Wire

    • Fused Clapton

    • Tiger Wire

    • Flat Twisted

    • Alien Clapton

    • Mix Twisted

  • Two Sizes

    • 4mm

    • 3mm

Name Ohmega Wire - 3mm 10 Pack
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