WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Ohmega Mechanical Mod

Ohmega Mechanical Mod

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Ohmega Mechanical mod features a parallel power configuration to produce higher current capability and extends the battery capacity. This device is well suited for hobbyists who prefer a longer cloud chasing session. This electronic cigarette mechanical mod is designed in black and has a smooth finish to give it a professional and elegant vibe. It is also designed with Ohmega’s Logo to give it an additional flare.

Its minimalist design makes it an ideal match for people who are just starting with their cloud chasing hobbies. The Ohmega Mechanical e-cig mod requires two 18650 batteries. This device features a durable magnetic battery cover that can slide on and off for easier installation of the batteries.

It also uses copper conductors for better transfer of power. Since this is a mechanical type, its power will be based on the resistance from the atomizer that you will use. Installing the ecig with an atomizer with low resistance means that it can produce more power and vice versa.

The Ohmega Mechanical ecig mod is ideal for experienced hobbyists.

Features and Specs:

  • Fully Mechanical

  • Battery Configuration: Parallel

  • Magnetic Cover

  • Requires 2 x 18650 Batteries

  • Dimensions: 3.50” x 1.60” x 80”

Name Ohmega Mechanical Mod
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Well lets just say I'm disappointed right off the bat. I bought 2 of these at a awesome price, so I thought. They charged me $10.45 not 9.95.The first one immediately burnt up my new batteries, drained them flat in 45 sec b-4 I could get the batteries out. The 2nd one D.O.A. 7/26/2016


I'm really not a fan, Sorry to say! I have a lot of Omega products normally I'm very pleased. The button does not work well. I thought about pulling apart seeing if it was something wrong with the mosfet or a connection problem. If it's firing it works well. But it only fires about 25% of the time. I'm glad it was very well priced. But I love ecig.com! You guys are great. Vape on! 7/26/2016


I just received this Saturday, it is now Monday... and I have to say I love this thing, it runs parallel my last 2 (Noisy Cricket and Lucifer from El Diablo, both broke) ran in series, but for a parallel box with a lower ohm build on it the clouds are great and the flavor is outstanding andi love the weight of it to, and last but not least, my batteries last a bit longer!! Great product in my opinion! Oh and my Ohmega atty looks really good on top of it!! 7/18/2016
George Scott

Insane for the price!

I bought two of these. They are nicely machined. Both sets of battery tubes are smooth inside with no sharp edges to grab your wraps (I was worried there may be, due to the Ohmega logos being cut out, but this isn't the case). The tubes are also quite roomy, with enough room for those who (like me) like to double wrap their batteries for mech mod use. The magnetic slide top is a bit wiggly until you snug your batteries up via the bottom screws, then it's rock solid. Pretty good vape at .4-.5 ohms on dual LG HG2s, with fantastic runtime, due to parallel setup. I did have to adjust the internal screw in the fire buttons of both, so they'd make solid contact, but it only took a few minutes with a philips and a slot head driver. When you can find these, they typically run $30-60! For the blowout price they're selling them for here they're an absolute steal! Shipped fast from ecig.com too. Thanks, guys! 7/17/2016

Reviews 11 to 14 of 14 total

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