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Ohmega Hybrid RDA Top Cap - Black

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Ohmega Hybrid RDA Top Caps Black are specially designed to be perfect for when your standard Top Cap either goes bad or becomes damaged. Ohmega understands that life happens and just wants you to know that you won’t have to replace your entire Hybrid RDA. To make this a reality, Ohmega offers replaceable top caps that are designed to get your Hybrid RDA right back into action.

What’s more is that Ohmega has made these replacement caps out of a more durable material to ensure that they will be able to provide you with an even longer lifetime. See very little downtime of your favorite electronic cigarette thanks to these incredibly reliable pieces of technology. Of course, Ohmega understands the ever present argument between form over function.

Thankfully, Ohmega doesn’t make you choose. While these top caps are always incredibly efficient and function very well, they also come in a variety of colors. This allows for the beauty of customization and making your vaporizer even more personal for you. Of course, Ohmega is always backed by the stellar reputation that they’ve gained from always providing the best to their customers. With that in consideration, never worry about having an issue to prevent you from vaping again.

Features and Specs:

  • Fits The Ohmega Hybrid RDA

  • Perfect Replacement Chuff Cap

  • Quality Ohmega Product

Name Ohmega Hybrid RDA Top Cap - Black
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