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Ohmega Alpha 22mm BMFT Tank

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The Ohmega Alpha 22mm BMFT Vape Tank is constructed from stainless steel and Pyrex glass. This is the smaller version of the Ohmega 30mm BFT vape tank but has all the same features that are expected from a brand such as Ohmega.

There is a super cool design on the ecig tank, with a drawing on the tank. If you’re looking for a different kind of tank that tastes better and blows off thick clouds, look no further than the Ohmega Alpha Vape Tank.

This product will look great on your box mods and features non-adjustable airflow. Although some might see this as a negative, the power that the Ohmega Alpha 22mm BMFT Vape Tank has makes up for this.

The electronic cigarette tank has a two post velocity style build deck and makes installing your coils on this tank easy. This is another Ohmega product designed with the user in mind, and it shows the quality and care taken into the build deck and airflow.

The post holes on this vape tank are large, so this is ideal for fitting in your thicker wire builds. This product has massive amounts of airflow within it and can fit large builds.

The ecig tank is 22mm in diameter, has a 4ml ejuice capacity and has a top fill feature that is easy to use, whether you’re just starting out in the world of vaping or are an experienced user.  The top fill feature will ensure that there will be no leaks of your ejuice while using it.

Features and Specs:

  • Diameter: 22mm

  • 4ml capacity

  • Top fill feature

  • Two post velocity build deck

Name Ohmega Alpha 22mm BMFT Tank
Clearance Yes
Colors / Finish Stainless Steel

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came broken

When I opened the shipping box, the alpha box was opened and the spare glass was shattered throughout the shipping box. The Ohmega box was opened, which is why the spare glass was able to escape and get smashed and cover the rest of my order in glass. I am pretty disappointed by this, but hey, it was the spare. Also is was 6$ so its NBD, just kinda disappointed that I didn't get everything I ordered, and that the box was open upon arrival.

The tank itself is sweet, however the coils with which it comes need to be decreased in diameter and number of wraps in order to fit them into the deck without shorting out. 12/15/2017


The tank is well made and solid, it was nice it came with an extra glass section. However, with no air or juice control, each fill is a mess if youre using a thinner juice. The build deck is a nice size, and 3mm ID coils fit snug. Flavor was terrific and wicking kept up great. The only con for me was the filling was cimbersome as it would leak, I used a vape ring to close the air holes and that seems to help a little. Overall a nicely made tank. 8/1/2017

artsy fartsyy

cool drawing on this thing and it comes with supplies thatll make it so everything orks just right. ohmega sure seems to love their customers and the vapor clouds this makes are just the best 3/10/2017

wish i had more money to blow

the top filling is great, im experiencing absolute zero issues with this tank and I just had to write a review as I was majorly impressed. no lie, i would buy four more if i had the money to blow, but im broke af, next time i guessss

cool design...but i love art so if you don't, meh

super cool design, I love the drawing on it! ohmega sure do know their art! its cool for those who love art on their stuff. i for one love art on my stuff, lol


Reviews 1 to 5 of 13 total

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