WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Ohmega 26650 Shorty Mod

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The Ohmega 26650 Shorty Mod has a heavy duty copper body to protect this electronic cigarette mod from the normal wear and tear that comes with vaping. The mod comes in a beautiful copper color and has the Ohmega logo engraved into the mod. The e-cigarette mod can fit into the hands of any vaper, and this makes it ideal for vapers on the go who want the quality that is provided by Ohmega but also doesn't want to have to compromise their busy lifestyles to get it.

The vape mod comes in two finishes which are copper and brass. Due to the name ‘shorty' in the title, this is proof that this is half the size of an Ohmega 26650 stacked. Therefore, this shorty is strong and can pack an enormous amount of ejuice which shows the power and strength of this mod. This redesign features a spring and a robust and short post switch.

The mod is 31mm in diameter and offers a top cap which has an adjustable 510 screw and a flexible rattle pin to stop your batteries from bouncing around while you're on the go. These adjustable features are ultimate what help you as a vaper help customise your experience with this mod. This electronic cigarette mod only uses 26650 batteries only.

This ecig mod is also for experienced vapers only, as a strong knowledge of how these mods work and a strong knowledge in electronics is important before testing out this mod. It is not ideal for beginners.

Features and Specs:

  • Heavy duty copper body

  • 510 base airflow

  • Vent holes every 90 degrees

  • Adjustable 510 with rattle pin

Name Ohmega 26650 Shorty Mod
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