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Nitecore SC2 2 Bay Charger - 2000mAh in 1.5 hours!! MUST Check Out!

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The Nitecore SC2 2 Bay Charger rejuvenates batteries efficiently so that you can get back to vaping as soon as possible. Nitecore, with a reputation for going above and beyond, has designed a charger capable of fully charging 2000mah batteries in only one and a half hours. Unlike many ecig battery chargers that look like black blocks of nothingness, this charger is as aesthetically pleasing as it is capable. It looks alone will make you want to use it to recharge your device.

This 2-bay charger provides up to 5A of watt output so that you can succinctly charge two devices at once. For single slot usage, this charger is capable of a 3A output. These capabilities give the user a decision between fluctuating charging potential. Since it is capable of different charging modes, vapers can use this device exclusively without having to rely on a variety of single-mode chargers.

Fit for charging a broad range of rechargeable vaping batteries, the Nitecore uses smart battery technology to decide which voltage setting is appropriate for the type of batteries at hand.  This charging bay is a requirement for all vapers looking for a versatile charger that can adapt to any battery's needs. Most Chargers are nowhere near as capable as the Nitecore SC2,  and the device takes a lot of the worry about whether or not certain batteries can be charged, out of the vapor's mind. Rather than having to buy an all-new charger as soon as you upgrade your device, it is simply less of a hassle to carry this universal charger around with you for your sanity's sake.

Features and Specs:

  • Compatible with small capacity batteries

  • Compatible with and identifies Li-ion batteries, Ni-MH, and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries (except LifeP04 batteries)

  • Integrated USB port compatible with all USB devices

  • Capable of charging two batteries simultaneously

  • Intelligent circuitry detects the battery types and status before entering automatic charging modes

  • Automatically detects battery capacities and selects the appropriate voltage

  • Features reverse polarity and short circuit protection

  • Automatically terminates charging upon charging completion

  • Each battery slot controls and charges independently

Name Nitecore SC2 2 Bay Charger - 2000mAh in 1.5 hours!! MUST Check Out!
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2 Review(s)

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Happy with this charger!

I had been charging batteries by plugging in a usb charger in my mod, not ideal. But since I have gotten this charger I can have fresh batteries all the time! Love it and love ecig.com!!! 11/20/2017

The BEST charger I've ever seen!!!

This thing is amazing! Super fast charger!!! 5/26/2017
Nitecore SC2 2 Bay Charger - 2000mAh in 1.5 hours!! MUST Check Out!

2 Review(s)

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