WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Lotus Mega 40w Kit

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Lotus Mega 40w Kit is the perfect match if you are in the market for a high-powered vaping device with an awesome mod and sub ohm tank that work wonderfully together.  This kit contains all the essentials for vaping and is perfect for a beginner’s starter kit or an addition to a veteran’s collection. The Lotus Mega 40w will ensure you never feel any lack of power. The device has a maximum output of 40 watts! Although powerful, this device maintains a light-weight, compact size, and beautiful finish. The battery in the Lotus Mega 40w is a 2200mAh. This will last you through many high-quality vaping sessions without having to charge the device often. You can also use the device while it is charging. The device charges quickly and easily through the use of the Micro USB port. The capacity of the tank in the Lotus Mega 40w Kit allows you focus on making huge flavor filled clouds, instead of constantly having to fuss with filling your tank. The tank also includes fully adjustable airflow, which can conveniently be found at the bottom of the tank. Having a minimum resistance of 0.3 ohm and a massive 5ml eliquid capacity, the number of tricks you can do to “wow” your friends and family with the Lotus Mega 40w Kit are endless. Using this device is easy with the single button design. This takes away the inconvenience of having to mess with any settings. This kit is also available in 4 different color options. The Lotus Mega 40w will allow you to impress everyone that you pass by, and they won’t believe that you got it at such an amazing price!


Features & Specifications

  • Lotus Mega Tank - Available in 4 Color Options

  • Single Button Design for Easy Use

  • 5ml Tank Capacity

  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow

  • 3 ohm Resistance

  • 2200 maH Internal Battery

  • Maximum Wattage Output of 40w

  • Light-Weight

  • Micro USB Charging

  • High Powered

  • Lotus Mega Device Matching Lotus Mega Tank – Available in 4 Color Options
Name Lotus Mega 40w Kit
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Thumbs up for the new vaper below! (1/17)

Gotta love it when even the new vaper 'gets it'... All, while the other, complaining that the product 'leaks'... somehow doesn't realize that, by design... NONE should LEAK. That, if it does, "user error". It's imperative w/ any tank (realizing this one isn't---but, esp if/when top fill) to maintain its internal vacuum pressure. Similar to having your finger on a straw & removing it from liquid, if your finger moves OR there's a crack in that straw, not only will it drip drip, MESS, but.. won't perform the same after. More airy, wispy, little liquid coming up. Same/same. BE sure all has been assembled snugly, ESP coil itself.. Fill, seal, (& when top fill, be sure to close AFC BEFORE opening top... always!!!) You'll never have to deal w/ leaks again AND the tank/coil will perform better overall. At its best for as long as possible, wicking/feeding consistently & evenly pull to pull. =) ENJOY. Live long(ER) & vape on! #ABillionLives 2/22/2017

It Leaks

I'd like it if the damn thing didn't leak all the damn time. 2/4/2017


This is my first vape mode and I couldn't be anymore satisfied with it. Its definitely easy to put together. Even for a newby like me. It's simple, and easy to use. Clear directions on everything. Only thing I would've liked is for the charging port to be in the side and not the bottom. That way I don't have to worry about it possibly leaking if I pay it down flat. It only leaks if you don't tighten the barrel enough though. Overall, super happy with it. The PRICE especially. You're getting MORE than your money's worth. 1/17/2017

Love it

Small light plenty of taste and vapor and at a reasonable price 12/21/2016


holy SH!T

its so good for the price. fat clouds and portable

easy to charge and take off the tank etc. by the way u can charge it while vaping which i wont do but if u want too go ahead 10/24/2016

Reviews 1 to 5 of 9 total

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  2. 2

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