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LMC Neon Green Bandana Sleeve

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Product description

With so many people getting the truly limitless Limitless Mod, it’s obvious that there are going to be a ton of awesome sleeves to choose from to customize this bad boy! Introducing the LMC Bandana Sleeve! This sleeve is made in the USA (‘Merica) so you’ll surely be proud to own it! These just go right over your Limitless Mod tube and if you need to change it out, you can do so without a major hassle. They’re forged out of high quality aluminum too so you know you’re getting a great sleeve! Customization of your mod has never been easier than with the Limitless Mod and with so many incredible sleeves coming out, this is one of the must-haves for anyone that is vaping using one of these mods! You’ve got a variety of colors to pick from, but we recommend getting all of the LMC Bandana Sleeves to ensure you can change it up as often as you want! Match your outfits with your mod! Match your mod with your mood! Mix and match! Do what you’d like with the LMC Bandana Sleeves, but make sure you have them on hand for when you want them!  

Name LMC Neon Green Bandana Sleeve
Clearance No
Colors / Finish Black/Silver

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