WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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LMC Dexter Sleeve

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The LMC Dexter Sleeve is a unique sleeve adding to the overall quality of any e-cig build. Whether you're looking to up the quality of your ecig, or simply give it some added flair, LMC Dexter Sleeves are the best option. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are long-lasting as they've been made from high-quality materials.

LMC sleeves cater to a variety of vape tastes, and generally, everyone can find one that is aesthetically pleasing to them. Their Limitless addition, for example, is horror themed and is an excellent way to spruce up your electronic cigarette come Halloween.

LMC Sleeves Are inexpensive and are typically one of the best aesthetic decisions someone can make regarding making their device more visually appealing. Your friends are sure to be impressed with the addition of a gorgeous LMC Dexter Sleeve! Mods, when they are straight out the factory, tend to look dull and bland. Even though your device may deliver quality plumes of smoke, adding a nice sleeve makes you look that much better while doing so. Some devices naturally are more visually appealing than others, but with a nice sleeve, there is no doubt that you will be catching the right eyes.

LMC Dexter Sleeves go for a value-driven price and are long lasting artistic masterpieces. You will have no regrets dressing your device with one of these sleeves; they are among the best. Up your vaping swag with a Dexter Sleeve, and stand out from the crowd.


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