WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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LMC Carbon Fiber Sleeve

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The Limitless Carbon Fiber Sleeve seems too good to be true. This one-of-a-kind electronic cigarette sleeve fits perfectly over your e-cig Limitless Mod. Made from heat resistant carbon fiber, the Limitless Carbon Fiber Sleeve is exceptionally durable and provides you with a firm grip.

If you are looking for an accessory that gives your ecig mod the maximum protection it deserves, then this e-cig sleeve is an excellent choice. A great plus that you won't be able to resist with the Limitless Carbon Fiber sleeve is its neutral color. With one single purchase, you can have an e-cig sleeve that coordinates well with every outfit, mood or occasion. Your ecig sleeve is just a few clicks away so get yours today. You will thank us later.

Features and Specs:

Made from heat-resistant carbon fiber

Name LMC Carbon Fiber Sleeve
Clearance No
Colors / Finish Black Carbon Fiber

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5 Review(s)

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race car=carbon fiber

bought this because i race cars and love carbon fiber. best material in the worlddd and its so strong and light. i just had to have this and i have to say, it is exactly like i thought it would be…fantastic 10/21/2016

car meet approved

just got into the car game and i wanted something for my vape that would make it look cooler at the car meets i go to. when i drive up in my lowered lexus vaping my pebbles juice with my carbon fiber sleeve, i have everyones eyes on me and my car 10/21/2016

great look, couldnt be happier

great looking sleeve and i cant find a better looking one. makes my limitless mod look so cool. really happy i bought this and i wish they made sleeves like this for all mods! LOL… like that will ever happen. Limitless all the way though 10/21/2016

out with the boys and bought it off som fool

me and the boys were out at some bar one night and i saw a guy with one of these carbon fiber sleeves and i had to have it. i bought it off him on the spot (was a little drunk so i paid more than i should have) and the next day i googled it and found it. i didn’t even have a limited mod! had to buy one the next day. oh well. you win some you lose some 10/21/2016

pricey but worth it

it’s a little pricey for a sleeve but totally worth it. everyone is always asking me about it and it is agood conversation piece. didn’t expect to get so much attention from this sleeve but here i am…attention and all, lolol 10/21/2016

5 Review(s)

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