WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Limitless Sleeve - Shattered Teal

Limitless Sleeve - Shattered Teal

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Limitless Sleeve - Shattered Teal is made by Limitless, the pinnacle of modding technology. What everyone looks for after acquiring this marvel of technology, are ways to make their vape mod personal and to make them stand out. Taking this into account, Limitless has developed personal sleeves for their e-cig mods with a variety of looks and feels.

With the Shattered Teal electronic cigarette sleeve, Limitless aims to achieve the same feeling of creativity and artistry that the average person feels when gazing at some of the impressive and famous works of art throughout history. With the way that the Limitless Sleeves are designed, when the light hits them just right they are known to sparkle and twinkle. This makes for an amazing effect not found on any other brand’s vape mods or feeble attempts at recreating Limitless’ amazing sleeves.

Limitless has always been known to go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. The people spoke and said that they wanted new ways to customize the aesthetics of their e-cig mod, and Limitless heard them and answered. With this addition to their already amazing product line, Limitless fully comes into the meaning of their name and goes even further than anyone thought was previously possible.

Be the star of your vaping group with this brand-new sleeve developed for the sole purpose of being the best.

Name Limitless Sleeve - Shattered Teal
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