WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Kanger VOCC Coil 5 Pack - 1.5ohm

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Kanger VOCC Coil 5 Pack - 1.5ohm are incredibly engineered vaping coils that live up to Kanger’s reputation for creating quality products. Kanger’s Vertical Organic Cotton Coils (VOCC) provide an excellent vaping experience due to the vertically arranged e-cig replacement coils.

The vertical arrangement creates more space to fill with additional organic cotton around the ecig coil compared to horizontally arranged ecig coils. The additional cotton leads to more e-liquid being absorbed, almost like creating an extra reservoir for the e-liquid, so there is always more juice waiting to be heated. The vertical e-cigarette coil also improves airflow so that the air can travel straight up through the center of the coil, rather than having to split to go around a horizontal coil. This creates the ability to take clean and smooth draws for a more enjoyable vape. The better airflow and additional cotton also allow the VOCC electronic cigarette coils to tolerate a higher wattage than Kanger's standard dual coils. This lets you create thick vapor clouds with the reduced risk of dry hits or burnt taste.

If you’ve not previously used wicks made from organic cotton, make sure you take the time to prime the cotton to ensure the e-liquid is fully absorbed. Failure to do could lead to burning the cotton which produces an unpleasant flavor. Fortunately priming only takes a couple of minutes and is well worth it for the flavor and vapor payoff. These 1.5ohm coils are compatible with the following tanks: AeroTank, AeroTank Mini, AeroTank Mega, AeroTank v2 AeroTank Giant, AeroTank Turbo, Protank 3, Genitank, Genitank Mega, Genitank Mini, Genitank Giant, TopTank EMOW, TopTank EVOD, EVOD 2, EVOD Glass and T3D.

Features and Specs:

  • Compatible with an extensive range of devices

  • Vertically arranged coils for improved airflow

  • 100% Japanese organic cotton

  • Resistance: 1.5ohm

Name Kanger VOCC Coil 5 Pack - 1.5ohm
Clearance No
Resistance (ohm) 1.5 ohm

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