WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Kanger TopEvod Kit

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Kanger TopEvod Kit is a simple and stylish vape starter kit particularly made for cloud chasing. Its minimalist, one-button design works best for hobbyists who are not that picky with their ecig mod, as long as it can produce deep flavors and the right amount of vapor. And with a slim, 18.5mm width and 90mm length, you can easily bring it to any party or out of town business trips. It is also available in four colors – black, white, red, and silver.  

This electronic cigarette starter kit includes a 650mah battery power and 1.7ml e-juice capacity, ideal for longer cloud chasing sessions while you're on the go. It can produce a consistent voltage of 3.7V. The battery is protected against overcharging, low resistance, and short circuit. Current battery power is indicated on the small LED screen, so you can easily tell if you need to recharge your device.  

The ecig mod can be charged via a USB connector. This device is installed with the Vertical Organic Cotton atomizer that promises to produce more vapors in such a compact device. The atomizer uses a Japanese cotton as a wicking material. The wick doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or impurities, so the taste remains clean, even if you crank up the power output. Minimum atomizer resistance is 0.4ohm. And true to its name, its clearomizer is top-filled. No need to disassemble the entire vape tank just to refill your device.

The electronic cigarette tank is made from Pyrex glass that doesn't easily crack or leak, unlike plastic.Enjoy your first vaping session when you buy the KangerTop Evod Vape Kit today.

Features and Specs:

  • Diameter: 14mm

  • Top fill Design

  • Capacity: 1.7ml e-Liquid Capacity

  • Output Voltage: 4.2

  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh

  • Minimum Resistance: 1.5ohm

  • Airflow Base

  • E-juice container: Pyrex Glass

  • Input: DC 5v

  • Output DC 4.2V/400mA

Name Kanger TopEvod Kit
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Spend a few dollars more - not worth your time.

Ecig staff was helpful when I had an issue with the product - but the product just is a waste of time. The design is bizarre - when you fill it up, the glass cylinder that holds the liquid isn't attached to anything on the bottom, so it tends to leak before you screw in the top portion which tightens the seal on the cylinder.

Anyway - it was leaky from there - it had a tendency to leak into my mouth at times, also. I bought to just have a spare cig around, but clearly was a waste of time :) 10/5/2016

Love IT!

Love It! I got it in a starter kit unsure of vaping. I'm SOOOO Glad I ordered it, all the functions top fill, ease of use, the cloud capabilities, & even the modern LOOK!! I will Be Ordering Another Soon 10/2/2016


I bought this a while back and I'm doing a follow up on it so people know have a good idea of a item.

Ok I bought this mainly because I wanted to get the FREE SHIP when you spend $75 or more.

Well At first I did not even use it or open it for a day or 2. My main item was the Vaperesso pro tank( OMEGA LOTUS IS MUCH BETTER BTW)

Anyway so when I finally decided to try it out I was accidentally forgot my Lotus at home and I rememberd having a Brand new Mod in my Trucks Glove Box. I was on my way to work and had to make due.

Well I let it charge even though it did not need it for long, I could not get a good amount of vape without feeling like I was sucking my Lungs through it, I tried all kinda ways and you have to find a certain way for it to put off a somewhat small amount of vape.

I mean maybe its because I am use to Mods that put off bigger lung fulls of smoke but this was honestly a waste of $.

Not bad mouthing ECIG at all their great but this product I would say is only for people who barely vape , It does However have 1 good quality, It does put off a great taste.

I cant recommend anyone to buy this unless you just wanna throw it in your trunk,glove box just in case you loose your main one. Its better than nothing. This is my 1st review ever giving a item a 1 star. But I cant lie to people on here I am a honest true reviewer .

Save your $11 bucks and buy something else.

You Literally have to pull and pull to get a solid hit, even trying pulling on it slow barely works. I dont see how so many ppl have so many good reviews unless they are not everyday Vapors.

Look forward to always buying a new Mod every month from ECIG though!

U Guys r Great! 9/25/2016

Not a good product

Absolutely horrible! 9/13/2016
James R.

Good Starter kit

Awesome product for what it is. I was brand new to vaping and I figured I would try this kit from the reviews and the price point. I was very happy with it. I actually ended up giving it to my mom and she loves it. 9/8/2016

Reviews 1 to 5 of 12 total

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