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JT Mods Matchlock Starter Kit

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JT Mods
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The JT Mods Matchlock Starter Kit is undeniably a beautiful device to check out, despite its simplistic design. This vape mod is the first device from the new company, JT Mods. However, it is already causing ripples in the e-cig market. This is because it delivers performance, compatibility, and supreme functionality.

The JT Mods Matchlock is entirely designed, made, and assembled in the USA. At its core, this device is a simple mechanical electronic cigarette mod that boasts great design and beautiful colors to make the perfect package. It is built out of top-quality T-6 billet aerospace aluminum material, which has then been precisely machine-cut. 99.9 percent copper contacts are also used to increase its conductivity and improve performance. Furthermore, this device includes a telescopic top pin made out of copper and a recessed magnetic button at the bottom.

No ecig starter kit would be complete without a matching dripping atomizer, which is included in every package of the JT Mods Matchlock Starter Kit. Known as the Matchlock RDA, it features a deep well and six air holes to provide enough ventilation to produce massive clouds of vapor. It also offers oversized posts that will let you install thicker gauges and the more complex coils that are so popular today. Other exciting features include Delrin insulators, a reduced chamber, and a copper center post. The RDA is also made out of medical-grade stainless steel that is designed to last for a long, long time.  

Matchlock Mod Features and Specs:

  • Dimensions: 99mm x 22mm

  • Body made out of T-6 6061 billet aerospace aluminum material

  • Buttons and caps made out of copper or stainless steel  material

  • Copper telescopic top pin and bottom firing pin

  • Delrin insulators

  • Standard 510 connector

  • Recessed magnetic button

  • Uses 18650 battery

  • Matching 22mm RDA

Name JT Mods Matchlock Starter Kit
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2 Review(s)

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Was broken from the start

Bought it at ecig.com - a fantastic deal on a original USA made mod (at least that's what I thought.). Ecig was great and everything went fine with them - some shipping costs are involved to Serbia and some tax but nothing significant.

I got the mod opened the box - the mod looked fantastic - would have been nice to have some simple suggestions / instructions in the box with the mod but whatever...

A couple of things first (this wasn't my first mechanical mod) so I have some basic experience with rebuilding and mechs - been vaping for 8+months...

1. - Couldn't pull the top cap of the RDA - tried for 20mins or more with care - then with moderate force and then when I really pushed it and pulled of the cap I pushed the RDA down and it got stuck on the 510 topcap of the mod ...

2. - Tried for 3 or so hours to get it off - with various tools.. nowhere to grip just slips of - and basically cut all my fingers since the threads on the mod are sharp - so most of my fingers had cuts (not bleeding) but it hurt for days afterwards

3. - Finally got the rda of the 510 topcap - but ruined the center pin - i could possibly fix it but wont. I had to grip it hard to twist it off the topcap (afterwards other tanks got stuck on the top cap but nothing that major since i was really careful and managed to get them of).

4. - So with the rda ruined decided not get pissed of and use the mod. Got it really cheap for a USA Made mechanical and it feels really well made. BUT...

5. - It wouldn't fire - everything was there... The switch felt great, but it wouldn't fire. Took me a bit to finally realize that the bottom copper pin wasn't making contact... Got a screwdriver and unscrewed the pin a bit and when it got unstuck it FINALLY made contact.

6. - Once I got it to work it really worked great - a fantastic mod. Light but tough. Fantastic... but again...
Since the firing pin was a bit unscrewed each time I pressed the switch, I unscrew it a bit more - with time (a few days) with repeated presses I unscrewed the pin completely...

The first time it happened it left me without a mod at work all day.. for the first time in months... as a chain vaper you can get how I felt... anyway...

Got it back together (that's why i say some instructions are needed - since it fell apart i wasn't sure how exactly it comes together - no photos on their site or anywhere) figured it out finally, got it back together...

After that, even though I was careful it happened a couple of more times and finally the last time at a party and the bottom copper screw fell out on the floor couldn't find it -

I even thought about ordering it of their site for a couple of dollars but they don't ship to Serbia..

Because I didnt want to give a poor review publicly without giving them a chance to help out (especially since they don't have much reviews online) I contacted them but they never answered after a couple of weeks waiting for a reply to my email...

Plainly put - don't buy this no matter how much it costs (on other sites it costs much more)... 1/4/2016

Love this combo

Great mod and atty. 11/8/2015

2 Review(s)

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