WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Ijoy Limitless RDTA Plus Tank

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The Ijoy Limitless RDTA Plus Tank comes with a lot of updates from the previous version. The e-liquid capacity is 6.3ml thanks to the RDTA's 25mm diameter. The screws are of colored titanium to increase strength and durability. In the Limitless RDTA and other recent Genesis-style tanks (such as the Theorem or Avocado, among others) cotton wicking is used rather than stainless steel mesh. If you like building single coils, there is a single coil adapter included in the spare parts. These new Genny-style tanks are hybrids that combine different tank designs.  And sold separately, you can have a 510 Delrin drip. The innovative side fill hole revealed by removing the top cap help you refill the 6.3ml e-liquid tank. It has a 510 gold plated contact pin with a PEEK insulator. By using the cotton reservoir, it comes easy for you to soak the cotton now. You can now experience the convenience of a tank along with the incredible dripper like flavor.

Features and Specs:

Adjustable Airflow

Innovative Side Fill

Innovative Cotton Reservoirs

Includes Single Coil Adapter

Includes 510 Delrin Drip Tip Adapter

• Includes (4) Grub Screws and (1) Replacement Glass

11mm Post Distance

2.5mm Post Holes

Colored Titanium Screws

Glass Tank

Hybrid Compatible

6.3ml e-Liquid Capacity

510 Gold Plated Adjustable Pin with PEEK Insulator

Co-Designed by Limitless and iJoy

Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer

Dimensions: 2-3/8" x 1" (Including Drip Tip and Threads)

25mm Diameter

Name Ijoy Limitless RDTA Plus Tank
Clearance No

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Terrific RDTA

Excellent RDTA. Easy to build and wick, will take just about any build you want to put on it. Great cloud and vapor. 8/16/2016

4.5 stars it's a beast (no drip tip? really?)

Awesomeness without a drip tip. I don't have a goon, kennedy or griffin so I went to Kennedy's site and got a delrin wide bore dragon drip tip for $10. Folks, that is the only con with this RDTA. Wicks like a charm, flavor is outstanding, huge post holes, huge build deck, legit screws in post, the middle ring where you fill, stops screwing in the middle of your coil so the cotton is not in the way, nice tank capacity, and orings are nice and snug even when they are lubricated with juice. Stupid move by iJoy and limitless to change the final product after sending them out to all the reviewers and even go to the point of shipping them out to vendors before they made up their mind to change it, FOR WHAT REASON? Idk, but it's a beast. Use a good bit of cotton. And I don't mean length wise I mean the diameter. Give it a brush out, cut just below top of glass and it should be perfect. Also too, since that build deck is so huge, pull those coils as far as you can to the air flow and even go to the point of raising them a bit so the air coming in kind of hits the bottom of your coils and comes up right into your mouth hole. Vape on you flavor and cloud whores! 8/13/2016

Some reviewers here need education on the products they're reviewing...

Here is a link to where you guys can educate yourselves...

http://vapingunderground.com/threads/limitless-plus-v2.259803/ 8/2/2016
Unhappy Shop Owner

BenRod needs glasses... is clueless

This is not a clone lol. Actually, Zophie Vapes reviews this IJOY version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXkNKCcBt40 The original was 24mm not 22mm. Ben-rod is correct they did change the top. They made it look unfinished IMO unlike the original 24mm. It now includes a 510 adapter (original Limitless insert just choked the mouth air hole flow it wasn't a 510 adapter) Originally, the PLUS had an o-ring built into the top cap with a pressure fit tip that was same size as Goon/Kennedy 24/etc and also included 510 adapter which most popular reviewers got. Personally I was unhappy with this midstream change and voiced this to IJOY and they tried justify the changes claiming they made it even better. My response it doesn't look as good and took the drip tip away which many wanted changed from original. Now you must run 510 adapter and a drip tip and then it ends up looks ridiculously tall. I feel they took a cheaper way out midstream also removing the possibility to use custom tips sold for battle cap/Goon/Kennedy 24/etc. The price increase is even less justified now with this midstream change not including a drip tip. All this aside, I do like it even more than original but it's not really much of an upgrade. Slightly more capacity, more accurate and durable air flow control, the deck is slightly improved making building a little easier with the top screws. The extra glass is nice but should have been included in the first place considering the price point with other tanks that do. Before discrediting Ben-Rod Google Limitless Plus and images tab for pics showing the change IJOY pulled on it's consumers before calling stupid ;) 8/1/2016
BenRod needs glasses...

In Response to "Not A Happy Camper"

The picture you were looking at was a pic of the 22 and the 25. The 22 comes with the chuff while the 25 comes with the 510 adapter. I really hate it when people mark down a good product because they did not read the website. Every website tells you exactly what is in the box. The product was not changed midstream. You are just too stupid to read item descriptions. SMH 7/30/2016

Reviews 1 to 5 of 8 total

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