WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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How Does An Electronic Cigarette Work?

Innovation. The future of “I don’t smoke” is here

Electronic cigarettes are everywhere you look. Also called E-Cigs or E-Cigarettes, these devices go beyond the trendy flavors and tasteful aesthetics. They’re the alternative to black lungs and smelly clothes. The complexity associated with vapes surpasses the simplicity of traditional cigarettes, but you’re definitely intelligent. You’re here with an open mind and a desire for something better than outdated tobacco products. With a little guidance, you’ll soon learn how Electric Cigarettes function as we provide you with the basics of vaping.


  • 1Battery : Rechargeable Lithium ion charged using a USB
  • 2Lights : LED lights turn on during the inhale
  • 3Buttons : Power the electronic cigarette on & off. Allows firing of atomizer, transforming the e-juice into vapor clouds
  • 4Digital Screen : Screen used to control vaporizer settings, display battery life, & a variety of other features
  • 5Tank : E-juice & atomizer (heating element) are held within this part of the device
  • 6Drip Tip : Vapor is inhaled through this interchangeable mouthpiece


Vaporizers are the innovative devices that are being used all across the globe as the best possible alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Vaping is achieved through the use of a combination of vape products. These nicotine delivery systems give former smokers the freedom to continue, lessen, or substitute their nicotine intake while eliminating the ashes, horrid breath, distasteful odor, and public dissatisfaction that are commonly associated with smoking cigarettes. Vaporizers contain a battery, a tank, and a heating element (atomizer).

Vaporizers are made up of 3 main components;

a battery, a tank, and an atomizer.

  • The battery provides the power
  • The tank holds the e-liquid
  • The atomizer provides the heat

These components work together to produce the flavorful vapor clouds we’re all so fond of.

The e-juice is the liquid that is encompassed by the tank. This flavored liquid is what the atomizer is heating to create those luscious clouds. These juices are made in a multitude of flavors, meaning you’ll have no problem finding a juice that suits your taste! You’re a fan of sweetness? We have dessert flavors that’ll hit the spot. Perhaps you enjoy custom blended flavoring? We can help with that desire. Maybe you’re a former smoker with a taste for tobacco. Then our traditional tobacco flavors are for you. These e-juices can also have nicotine, but most of our e-liquids can be purchased at different nicotine levels in accord with your nicotine intake needs.

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E-liquid facts to keep in mind

What’s in the bottle?

E-liquid has two primary ingredients (besides nicotine, of course); Vegetable Glycerin (VG) & Propylene Glycol (PG). VG is usually used as the sweetener for cake frosting. With PG, you’re getting an organic compound that is found in products including soda, flavored iced teas, and salad dressings. These are harmless chemicals, however, it’s ideal to purchase your e-liquid from known companies within the vaping industry that you can trust as many off-brand companies might not have the same level of quality control as a result of the lack of regulation.

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Vapes and E-Cigs bring loads of fun in the form of one of the coolest ways to take in nicotine. These electronic nicotine delivery systems make giving up traditional cigarettes easy. Hopefully, we’ve provided you with all of the answers you need to make an informed decision. If you have any other questions or concerns about these innovative devices, you can contact us by phone ( 855-512-ECIG ), email ([email protected]), , and

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