WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The HCIGAR VT200 Mod is a real work of art from a very reputable company. For a long time, HCIGAR has been a leading entity in the production of high-quality products. However, with the manufacture of this vape mod, the company has been able to take advantage of their expertise to produce a top class electronic cigarette mod featuring cutting-edge technology.  It also boasts of high aesthetic appeal and power efficiency. This product has enhanced the firm's industrial standing and transformed them into one of the leading manufacturers of original products in the vape mod market.

It is an upgrade of the more popular VT40 ecig mod, sporting a sleek design with lines and curves carved into the body to increase its appeal and ergonomic comfort. The device also bears innovative technology that is supported by an efficient vape battery. It has an authentic Evolv DNA 200 chipset that boosts the functionality of all its features. This chipset gives the ecig mod an overwhelming power output of 200 watts and resistance of as low as 0.1 ohms. The power and technology behind it will equip you the ability to use any other devices available, including a vape tank, with relative ease. This chip is optimized for temperature control, which is important because it reduces the utilization of the e-liquid and hence the possibility of experiencing dry hits.

It also sports the patented Evolv Wattage Control, a large OLED display, digital controls, and a switch-mode converter used in personal products. All these features work together to give the e-cig mod outstanding abilities, totally under your control. This electronic cigarette also has the capability for synchronous rectification which reduces heat generation and boosts the e-cig battery life.

Features and specs:

  • Dimensions: 88.9mm x 53.975mm x 25.4mm

  • Evolv DNA 200 Chipset

  • 3S Lithium Polymer Battery (1300 mAh)

  • Wattage: 1W - 200W

  • Temperature Range: 200F - 600F

  • Resistance (Standard Coil): 0.1 - 2.0 ohm

  • Resistance (TC Coil): 0.08 - 1.0 ohm

  • Large OLED Display Screen

  • Advanced Temperature Control

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Low Resistance Protection

  • High-Temperature Protection

  • Low Voltage Protection

  • Pass-Through Functionality

  • Micro-USB Charging System

Name HCIGAR VT200 Mod
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Hcigar & Evolv = Great combination

I love mine. All three of them. Did have one battery fail after 6 months. Had an issue or two but Evolv, the chip's manufacturer, promptly repaired under warranty, hassle free. I also have Hcigar's VT75 which is another great device. Hcigar makes well built mods at realistic price points. 10/15/2016

Meh, disappointed with the stock battery.

It's a well built device and it looks great with a j-wrap on it. The reason for the 3 stars is due to the battery rating. Its NOT 1300mAh as advertised. i ran the battery analyzer and its was around 844mAh. not too happy about hcigar lying about their battery capacity, especially since it has software that can call them out. not a smart move on their part. 5/5/2016

Worth it, even without the warranty

Very happy with this mod after almost 5 months of daily use. It still works every bit as well as day 1. Lots of power, more temp control options than I'll ever use and it looks great too.

The battery usually lasts me most of the day on a full charge, which is good enough. If I wanted huge battery life, I could lug around a Reuleaux instead of this little beauty.

Even if HCigar is screwing us on the warranty, this is a great mod at a great price! I've heard that Evolv will still service units if the problem is with the chip, so you're not completely left out in the cold if something goes wrong.


junk don't buy!!!

Garbage! Rip off! Battery is junk!!! 90 days it started acting not holding a charge and less than four months it's dead completely and unable to use it and nobody sells the batter. Problems from the start with low holding charge. Not worth it! 3/2/2016

awesome quality and customer service

Works great!great price and customer service A+! 1/26/2016

Reviews 1 to 5 of 15 total

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