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Exxus Go Concentrate Vape - Black

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The Exxus Go Concentrate Vape Black is the tool of choice for the lovers of concentrate. This amazing product will grant you hours of nonstop vaping thanks to it’s amazingly durable and lengthy vape battery. It will also give you some of the longest hits you’ve ever seen. You will defy the meaning of the world impossible with the Exxus Go Concentrate Vape, and your fellow vapers will be marvelled at the huge clouds of vapor that this little fellow will produce.

This marvel of the vaping world will warm up in an incredibly fast five seconds, and it features an auto run time of ten seconds also. Apart from the amazing performance of this Concentrate Vaporizer, it also features some wonderful characteristics like a magnetic base, automatic heating system, and a replaceable quartz glass mouthpiece.

The Exxus Go Concentrate Vape is extremely portable thanks to it’s compact size and it’s unrivalled long lasting 1100mAh lithium ion ecig battery that’s rechargable, which will endure long sessions of immense vaping clouds, because the Exxus Go was designed specifically for HUGE hits. If you are looking for those big hits, or simply a fan of them, you will not go disappointed with the Exxus Go Concentrate Vape.

Features and Specs:

  • Long-Lasting 1100mAh Battery

  • Durable Quartz Glass Mouthpiece

  • Auto Heating System

  • Micro USB Cable

  • Compact Size

  • Battery Has Year-Long Warranty

Name Exxus Go Concentrate Vape - Black
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2 Review(s)

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good for travel, thats it! Go with a Pulse, not a Exxus.

I was a little bummed out when I bought this Exxus Go. I saw reviews and people would say "I use this instead of my rig now", NO WAY!! This Exxus Go is good (not great) at taking a dab "on the go", but it still does not satisfy. You just don't get a big enough dab hit and it would be alot better if I could control the vape instead of it being programmed. The 3 coils type RDA gets gunked up super quick but they will last a while with cleaning. I just never get a satisfying hit with this thing. Go with a Pulse instead of this and I'm willing to bet you will be happier. It makes sense these are on sale for $40, because it is NOT worth $100.

Lovin it!

Love my exxus go! Features are great and comes with everything you need. The battery life and rich taste have to be my favorite. Its easy for on the go and lasts me all day. Price is also fair I bought mine on Gotvape but theres always promos around. 2/9/2017

2 Review(s)

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