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Eleaf EC Coil 5 Pack

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Choosing replacement coils can be a real hassle if you don’t know what you are doing, but if you know what you are doing, then you know that you should be looking for coils that are going to make your device perform as good as possible! Introducing, the ELeaf EC Coil 5 Pack! With this 5 pack of coils, you’re going to have atomizer heads that are meant for the ELeaf Mel 1, 2, and 3, the ELeaf iJust 2, and Aspire Triton atomizers. These are some of the most sought after coils on the market because they are quality coils that are rather affordable when comparing them to others like them. These coils are sporting larger wicking holes that allow for some unbelievable wicking as well as a heating wire that is 0.4mm in diameter to allow for the creation of ridiculous amount of flavor-infused vapor. You’re going to love these quality coils and how they use 100% Organic Cotton to produce that super pure flavor everyone is looking for. For lack of a better word, the ELeaf EC Coil 5 Pack is fabulous!

Features & Specifications:

Pack of 5 Atomizer Heads

Larger Wicking Holes
100% Organic Cotton
Gold Plated Pin For 0.15ohm Only
2 Parallel Vertical Wire For The Regular Coils (0.3ohm & 0.5ohm) (TC Coil Have 1 Wire)
Specifically Designed For:

ELeaf Melo 1, 2, & 3
ELeaf iJust 2
Aspire Atlantis
Aspire Atlantis 2
Aspire Atlantis Mega
Aspire Triton

0.5ohm – Titanium Wire – Only Used With Temp. Control Devices
0.15ohm – Ni200 Wire - Only Used With Temp. Control Devices
0.5ohm – Rated By ELeaf from 30-100W
0.3ohm – Rated By ELeaf from 30-80W
0.25ohm – NotchCoil – Great Notch Coil Design = Fantastic Flavor

 Product Includes

1 x ELeaf EC Coil 5 Pack

Name Eleaf EC Coil 5 Pack
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4 Review(s)

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Importance of "breaking in" any new coil 1st....

Save yourself money & frustration... Those having "issues" with these (or any coils) would def. benefit from watching Quest4vape vid on original Crown tank! Called something like "breaking in crown coils". In addition to priming, can tell ya (just as if using dripper, you'd never EVER see someone vaping, without getting their coils glowing evenly 1st. Same applies just done differently) breaking-in a new coil before use/going up in wattage slowly.. is imperative to get feeding/wicking to be even, pull to pull.. for avoiding any pools sitting where it might not be glowing enough; that are next to where it's super hot/dry wick= sputtering/spitback &/or dry hits, scorched cotton (ruined) Keeps coils from immediately popping (ruined) from jumping right in at 40,50, 60+watts also, AND gives ya the best possible performance consistently.. for the longest possible time, too! Saving you tons $$$ AND lotsa frustration. Shouldn't be getting any dud coils &should never be getting leaking either.. if all is assembled well & set up properly. Even tho mfrs aren't making customers aware of these steps.. 99.9% of issues are just user error, unfortunately. Closing AFC before top filling.. will absolutely stop leaking (even if you can do it quickly without & not have issues sometimes... trust) Well worth the half second of effort imho.. to just do it anyway, see for yourself =) Worth watching that video to save $$ & future aggravation. Vaper to vaper... hope all works out. These should work out of the box, no problem... "if". ;) Vape on! 8/22/2016
Ashley Ohming

0.3ohm Coils - problem solved!

Ok, updating from my prior review. I found the problem with the 0.3ohm coils! I have to take some nail clippers and make the holes bigger and viola! No more burning taste! The 0.5ohm ones are ok..... but the hit is a lot better with the 0.3ohm ones. Sigh. It's a lot of work but again, you get them for the best price put their on! Fast shipping, low prices, and great customer support? You cant beat that. Ecig is definitely on top of their game since the big change and are hands down my favorite online vendor I order from. <3 8/18/2016

0.5 or 0.3 for mello 3 tanks

0.5 for the mello 3 mini is the best option(40 to like 55 watts is good), make sure to prime that coil or else its gonna hit very hot and burny. On a side note, i noticed the standard 0.5 and 0.3 coil that comes with istick pico + melo mini 3 starter pack, is completely broken coils, toss them out and buy a pack of 0.5 5 pack instead. I dont know why they have this problem. 8/8/2016

Burning taste in the .3ohm

I recently just bought the .5ohm coils so this review is not based on those. Since I have yet to try them. However, I have tried the .3ohm coils from eleaf.... and I absolutely HATE them. For the life of me, no matter what I do, I cannot get the burning taste to go away. Even a bran new coil taste like an old one. And this is my 3rd pack. I kept buying them thinking I've been getting duds but nope its just the .3 coils. I've read many reviews on them and 90% of users have the same problem. But I've also read that the .5ohm are much better. So I'll give them a try. Only $9 so can't beat the price! Love they always have unbeatable prices and shipping is always fast ahead of schedule. Can't wait to try the .5! 7/9/2016

4 Review(s)

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