The best thing about being an adult is that you can have whatever you want for breakfast. You can go have coffee, tea, a bowl of marshmallow-filled cereal, or even sour candy. With this variety of e-Juice flavors from The Drip Co, there is sure to be one or more that will satisfy your all-day breakfast cravings. Sold in 30ml bottles and three different nicotine levels, there’s something to accommodate every level of vaper or cloud chaser.

The Drip Co e-Juice Flavors

* Sour Punch’d Straws – BlueRazz Sour Straws * Lucky Devil – Milk & Marshmallow

Dirty Chai – Spiced Chai & Espresso * Frappberry – Strawberries and Cream


The Drip Co e-liquids are 75%VG (vegetable glycerin). Pick one up today, along with your electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer, and get started on a truly flavorful vaping experience.

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