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Ego USB Charger

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Having an eGo threaded battery is great, as it offers up some of the most simplistic and comfortable vaping to date, but to continue that experience it must be continuously charged. In this listing we’re offering up one of the most vital components to your eGo setup, and that is the eGo USB Charger. This USB charger has a USB on one end, while the other end is the charging system that contains a female threaded eGo connector. The eGo USB Charger will allow you to charge any electronic cigarette battery that has an eGo threaded connector. Simply insert the USB end into your computer, laptop or USB wall outlet, while the eGo side will thread onto your battery. What’s great about this product is that it’s very affordable, which will allow you to purchase multiple chargers, one for home, maybe for your workplace, or one just to carry on you at all times so that you’re never left stranded with a depleted battery.

If you have an eGo battery and never want to be without a full charge again, the eGo USB Charger should definitely be your next addition for a satisfying and continuing vaping experience.

Product Includes

  • 1x eGo USB Charger
Name Ego USB Charger
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