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Efest LUC V4 w/ Car Charger

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The Efest LUC V4 is a high quality and safe charging station that can also be used on the go. With four adjustable charging channels, this device will keep your batteries juiced up no matter what situation you may find yourself in. Safety will not be an issue with the Efest charger, for each of the four built-in independent channels feature reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection, and a zero voltage activation function. The self adjusting channels are compatible and will fit most batteries, including 14650, 18650, 26650, and most others in between. With the car charging cable included in this setup, you won’t even have to wait to charge your batteries until you get home. Just plug the Efest into the cigarette lighter in your car and charge away.

The list of features on this little powerhouse are incredible. The built-in reverse polarity protection, which will prevent any batteries from being charged while placed backward in the device. There is an over-charging protection as well, which will activate once your batteries are fully charged, preventing the device and your batteries from overheating and potentially causing harm to the charger and the user. One of the best features that the Efest LUC V4 boasts is a built in LCD display that shows the progress of the battery level in each channel. This way, unlike most other chargers, you will know exactly when your batteries are ready to be put back into your mod for the best vaping experience you can get.

The Efest LUC V4 battery charging device will easily replace any other method used to charge mech mod and box mod batteries. With the car charging and wall outlet charging cables included, there will never be a scenario where you will be left with dead batteries and no way to vape. As always, battery safety is one of the most important things to pay attention to when using lithium ion batteries. Always use special caution when working with them, for they are incredibly sensitive to charging characteristics and may burn or even explode if mishandled. Make sure to be educated in Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in terms of charging, discharging, and voltage levels before using this device. Always charge in or on a fire-proof surface, and never leave your charging batteries unattended.

With four battery charging slots, an LCD display to show the charging process for each battery, and enough built-in protection to keep you safe, the Efest LUC V4 device proves to be one of the best devices on the market for on the go battery charging.

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Name Efest LUC V4 w/ Car Charger
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Favorite 4-bay 18650 charger

Previous charger was a LUC 2. Been very satisfied with it, so a 4 bay was a no-brainer. Charges balanced and accurately. Totally recommended. 11/5/2015

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