WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Drip Tip Resin Red - Single

Drip Tip Resin Red - Single

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Drip Tip Etc
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Drip Tip Resin Red - Single is simply amazing. They never cease to impress thanks to their unique colorfulness. The resin ecig drip tips are made out of will always come out differently so that if you order two of these Red Resin Drip Tips right now, you are guaranteed to receive two unique electronic cigarette mod pieces that will always stand apart.  

Every one of them is like a work of art; no two are alike so even if your all friends have Resin Drip Tips, or if you already boast a sizeable collection of them, you know that every single piece you add will have its characteristics and personality. You may stare at them for hours and keep on finding features that will make your vaping unique also and full of character.

Each Drip Tip Resin Red is molded out of high-quality resin, with its unique colors so that you may customize your vaping instrument, be it an e-cigarette or mod, tweaking your e-cig tank to maximize your flavor, to maximize the size of your vape clouds, and also maximize vaping instruments personality.

Order your Drip Tip Resin Red today, and order another one right after, and see for yourself their uniqueness and impressiveness. Add to your collection a Drip Tip to match your mood or style and customise your vaping to the max.

Features and Specs:

  • Molded out of high-quality resin

  • Stainless steel base

  • Fits 510 Atomizers or ecig tanks

  • Unique features in every Drip Tip

Name Drip Tip Resin Red - Single
Clearance No
Colors / Finish Red

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nice for some tanks

hey if you have a kanger tank I think mine is the mini this tip fits real good but on my smok baby tank real loose but prolly could be fixed with a lil bigger o ring but it does look good 7/23/2017

what does it fit?

this doesn't fit any of my atomizers. Unless I'm doing something wrong it doesn't come close to fitting any of my sub-ohm atomizers. The description should state the size and a general mention of the atomizers it fits. I bought a smok tv12 and thought it would be a nice addition but it doesn't come close to fitting the unit. 5/30/2017

Nice tip, fit a little loose

It had a little wiggle to it, but not loose enough to just fall off. It did work well when using it, so I cant knock it that much. Not perfect, but priced so well I am going to keep it to try on other tanks later. 5/17/2017

nothin but luv

I love it love it love it!!!!! Its so easy to install. My roommate just bought hers and she can’t stop saying how great it is. Definitely worth the money 1/13/2017

fits like a charm

its great! It fits my 510 atomizer which I had trouble finding a good fit in the past! I wish I could have known about this drip tip earlier and save myself the trouble haha

Reviews 1 to 5 of 8 total

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  2. 2

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