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Drip Co 120ml E-Liquid - Frattberry

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Drip Co
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Not everyone goes to the coffee shop for a caffeinated beverage. Some people go for those ice blended drinks that taste like milkshakes. For those people, we have the delicious Frattberry, a blend of strawberries and cream. A classic taste that no one could hate, this e-Liquid is one to have on hand to satisfy that sweet tooth.

The Drip Co e-Juice Nicotine Levels:

  • 0mg
  • 1.5mg
  • 3mg
  • 6mg

The Drip Co e-liquids are 75%VG (vegetable glycerin). Bottles come with dropper caps for easy filling or easy dripping. Pick one up today, along with your electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer, and get started on a truly flavorful vaping experience.

Name Drip Co 120ml E-Liquid - Frattberry
Clearance No
Flavor Name No
Varieties Fruity

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5 Review(s)

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so perf

loving this flaver so0o0o0 much! lolol. i found that the lower nicotine tastes better so i bought it with just 1.5mg. might buy the 0mg next. strawbeeries and cream is like…my favorite flavor… 10/19/2016

berries and cream is bae

berries and cream! yum yum in my tum tum. no qualm about this flavor. i actually eat less candy now. I’ve been using this to curb my addiction to sweets and i didn’t think it would work but it is working. i’ve lost 3 pounds : ) 10/19/2016

drip co didn't fail me twice : )

definitely one of the better flavors by drip co. i had this one flavor from them that i don’t even know what it was. happy i gave them another chance thogh because this has come to be one of my daily flavors 10/19/2016

Not Jimmy from the insurance commercial

6 callers ahead of us… Kidding… but seriously… this is a great tasting eliq and i highly recommend you try it out. doubt you’ll regret it especially if you are a fan of strawberry milkshakes 10/19/2016


fantastic flavor that really tastes like berries and cream. great tasting clouds and they are thick too! plenty of VG in this juice and i can’t complain, but who would listen, right? well you would read so…yea… not sure where i was going with that but this flavor is off the chain 10/19/2016

5 Review(s)

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