WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Cassadaga Liquids - Cannoli Be Reserve

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Cassadaga Liquids
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With the decadent, rich chocolate chips and a creamy cannoli this e-liquid Cannoli Be Reserve e-liquid by Cassadaga Liquids.

Cassadaga Liquids is no doubt one of the best e-liquid and ecig juices in the market. This Massachusetts based company was born in the hands of John Nathan, a New Jersey born visionary who began vaping almost a decade ago and has turned his obsession and hobby into a business, producing some of the most wonderfully delicious flavors that e-liquids have to offer. He has mastered the art of e-cig mods and e-juices, creating some of the most complex blends you have ever seen after hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work and experimentation.  

John has strived to create something unique, and after months in search of a particular pastry flavor, he stumbled upon that which he had been looking for but did not know. This is how the world of vaping, of electronic cigarettes mods, has come to know his most perfect creation, renowned and revered by all: The Cannoli flavour e-liquid. This traditional Italian dessert flavour has become the stepping stone for a successful enterprise, and the beginning of incredible accomplishments. Sweet fruity cereal, chocolate chip coating, strawberry drizzle, cookies and cream, are just a few samples of what your enormous vape clouds will be tasting like.  Rest assured, no other ecig tank juices out there remotely compare to what Cassadaga Liquids has created.

Uniqueness is everything. The immense taste is only matched by the perfect blends and combinations that gave birth to never before seen products; you won't ever see anything like them. Treat your ecig tank with a Cassadaga Liquid, and it will most likely refuse to hold any other juice in the future. And you will too! You will instantly fall in love with Cassadaga Liquids and become another member of the already big and growing Cassadaga family. Don't waste your time with any other e-cig juices, order your Cassadaga Liquid today.


Name Cassadaga Liquids - Cannoli Be Reserve
Clearance No
Flavor Name Cannoli Be Reserve
Varieties Sweets

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