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Mad Hatter Juice

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Mad Hatter Juice Company, founded in Los Angeles, California, is a gourmet e-liquid brand known for their delicious vaping flavors such as I Love Donuts, I Love Taffy, I Love Cookies, and more.

Mad Hatter E-Liquid - I Love Cookies e-liquid flavor is said to actually make you feel like you’re eating a moist milk-dunked strawberry-caramel cookie. Hmmm imagine the sensation you’ll get from that. I Love Donuts e-liquid flavor tastes like a blueberry filled donut without actually eating a blueberry filled donut. Puff on that. Mad Hatter E-Liquid - I Love Popcorn e-liquid flavor gives you a taste of that salty and crunchy treat we all loved as a child with each inhale. I Love Taffy e-liquid flavor soaks into your coil to introduce the sweet tang of peach to your taste buds.

Along with insanely good e-juice flavors, Mad Hatter Juice also offers ADE e-juices, which are crisp and refreshing flavors packed in unicorn cans for the ultimate compact vaping experience. The ADE e-juices feature maximum VG levels for luscious clouds of vapor. Some of the flavors include:

Blue ADE E-Juice, which is a hip flavor that delivers massive clouds. It’s said to be light and crisp for a laidback vaping flavor.

Purple ADE E-Juice brings a puff of magic purple clouds to your vaping party. It’s said to be sweet and breezy like a perfect summer morning.

Red ADE E-Juice is also packed with maximum VG levels for those large clouds of vape smoke. It’s said to combine fruitiness with a splash of tropical flavor for a tropical fruity puff you can’t resist.

Their vaping flavors are so sweet and undeniable they won the 2015 Spinfuel Publisher’s Choice Juice of the Year award. This versatile vaping company also offers hats and T-shirts, because who wouldn’t want to walk around with an I Love Cookies shirt on!