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Lotus Jelly Slice Silicone Cover
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Lotus Legend Mini Tank
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Lotus brings you some of the most sought after vape products and accessories in the market. Lotus is quite popular for their mid level vape starter kits, like the Lotus Mega 40w Kit. The Lotus Vaporizer, while certainly having a hint of the Far East, is made in the U.S.A, and it is quite different from a traditional vaporizer. It is an economical unit that has a solid aluminum stem. It vaporizes in only three seconds and the vapor is cool. You get the true taste of your herb. And your herb is bathed in hot air only when you inhale – not before and not after.

You can easily stir your bowl with an attached stir stick, which is standard. The maple vapor bowl is easily placed and removed thanks to attached magnets. The pipe (aluminum stem and stainless steel bowl) can safely and easily be cleaned by soaking them in alcohol.

Begin your Lotus experience with the Bowl-n-Cap kit. You receive the easily removed maple vapor cap which completely separates the vaporizing air from any butane fumes. There are two vapor cap options. The standard vapor cup is for flowers and the black cap can handle both flowers and high temperature or concentrate use. Two torch options are available. The Honest torch is the Lotus standard. It is a reliable single flame torch. The Zico torch is larger than the standard torch and is more comfortable to hold and to use, taking less than half the force to operate. The flame is also adjustable without a tool. It fits in the standard zipper pouch along-side the Lotus pipe.

Lotus also sells a combination Pipe and Bowl/adapter Kit and a Lotus Pipe Kit.