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Juice Roll-Upz

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Juice Roll-Upz, founded in Los Angeles California, delivers vaping flavors you loved as a child such as, strawberry, blue raspberry, watermelon punch, and orange-cherry fruit roll up.

The latest flavor added to the line is the Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid - Watermelon Punch E-Juice. Upon inhale vapors will taste the sweet, tangy flavor of watermelon, and when exhaling they’ll experience exciting hints of fruit punch. Prepare your taste buds for a blast from the past.

Blue Raspberry E-Juice flavor infuses fruity blue raspberries with a touch of fresh menthol. When inhaling you’ll experience a rush of blue raspberries, and when exhaling vapors will get a rush of fresh, minty menthol to awaken you’re their senses.

Orange-Cherry E-Juice flavor refreshingly combines the taste of tangy oranges with ripe cherries. The sweet and subtle mix delivers a taste to your vape like you’ve never imagined and sends a wave of fresh air during those hot summer days.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, Juice Roll-Upz also offers a Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy E-Juice flavor. This e-liquid flavor is a burst of authentic carnival, cotton candy flavor. This vape provides a sweet and smooth, cotton-candy-inspired taste to your vape. Grab this vaping flavor and imagine you’re at carnival eating your favorite childhood treat, minus the long lines and sticky remnants on your hands and teeth.

Juice Roll-Upz produces their flavors in certified clean rooms. They also recently released their signature Brew E-liquid vaping flavors: Strawberry Frappes and Caramel Frappes.

So whether you’re looking for a vaping flavor reminiscent of your childhood treats or a vaping flavor to wake up and enjoy before your morning breakfast, Juice Roll-Upz has you covered.