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Gost Vapor

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Gost Vapor collection brings innovative flavors to the market. They were able to everyday flavors and create unique vapes. They even incorporated the taste of milk into a vape. The Gost collection includes the following: Parfait, Pancake, Milkhead, Blue, and Pink.

The Gost Vapor E-Liquids - Blue E-Juice features subtle hints of vanilla blended into heavy whipped cream and finished with a golden brown, salted caramel to create a tasty treat you’ll not soon forget. The Gold E-Juice features a delicious, crunchy coffee cookie topped with a smooth caramelized flavor. With each vape you’ll get double the flavor. The Gost Vapor E-Liquids - Milkhead E-Juice serves up a tall glass of cold milk complemented with a hint of sweet vanilla for a unique look like no other. The Pancakes E-Juice offers a stack of warm, fluffy buttermilk pancakes, as if you’re sitting at your breakfast table. The Parfait E-Juice features a perfectly layered mix of creamy strawberry yogurt and crunchy fruit cereal mixed together, creating the perfect match.

The Gost collection also features a brand called Volume 1 and 2. Which contain tropical-inspired flavors. Volume 1 delivers a zesty blend of cucumbers and lime that are combined to bring a fresh taste to your vaping e-cigs. Volume 2 offers an amazing mix of orange, banana, and strawberry for a fruity mixture that will be brand new to your taste buds.

GOST Vapor not only offers vape juices, this versatile company also sells T-shirts and hats for a mysterious, stylish look everyone can wear.