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Beard Vape Co is a company that aims to set itself apart from the norm of the current e-liquid brands. Beard Vape Co does this by using an impressive logo and unique flavors that are offered through very few companies. Designed to cater towards those that know the true pleasures of vape culture, Beard Vape Co is easily recognizable as a brand that takes their customers’ desires and culture to heart. Starting from an incredible range of 100 different flavors, Beard Vape Co sifted through a wide variety of feedback and requests, until they were finally able to identify their signature flavors that would start the Beard Vape Co wave.

Some of their most iconic flavors include The No. 05, The No. 32, and The No. 88. The thing that immediately makes Beard Vape Co stand out from its competitors is that their flavors were and always will be created by the requests of their loyal customers. From there, the wave only started to gain more and more momentum. What once started out in Venice, California has now branched to over 6 different continents and every single state in the United States. With Beard Vape Co, you’re not just buying an e-liquid. You’re buying into a thriving, iconic brand that always puts their loyal customers first.