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Barista Brew Co

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Barista Brew Co knows that everything good thing comes in matches. Shirts and jeans, peanut butter and jelly, foundation and lipstick, coffee and a puff of vapor. The e-juices from Barista Brew Co are a great way to kick start your day and energize your soul. Barista Brew Co is, without a doubt,  good news for the vape and coffee lovers.

Their latest flavor is the Salted Caramel Macchiato, which has made a stir in the online community of vapers. This vape juice comes in a regular package, chubby gorilla style unicorn bottle, with a recognizable "look alike" logo of a popular coffee shop. It even has a friendly warning beneath the logo that says, "Careful, the e-juice you're about the enjoy is extremely amazing."

For those who enjoy the sweeter flavors, Barista Brew Co has released the delicious and fresh Cinnamon Glazed Blueberry Scone. Another excellent pairing for your morning coffee, or an afternoon delight.

These e-liquids are not only innovative and creative, but they actually taste like good. Too many times have we been promised an e-juice that tastes like something, only to later find out that it doesn’t. With Barista Brew Co, you really do get what you asked for. Their juices and fresh and clean, giving you the taste you crave and the smoothness you desire. At the first puff of your e-cig mod, you’ll be able to enjoy the taste of coffee, caramel, blueberry, or cinnamon at the tip of your tongue, with the sweetness of the e-liquid lingering in the back of your mouth. Whether your fondness is to vaping, coffee, or both, Barista Brew Co  has what you need.