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Aspire Triton RTA System

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If you’re looking to take complete control over your new Triton Tank, then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on Aspire’s optional Triton RTA System. This rebuildable tank atomizer system allows you to take advantage of your Aspire Triton Tank and all that is has to offer. Though the coil heads for the Triton work wonderful, the Triton RTA System allows you to build your own coil head to your very own specifications, rather than forcing you to continue using the pre-built manufactured coil heads. With merely a few wraps of some wire, a little bit of cotton wicking and a couple turns on a screw, you have your very own coil head, built by you and specifically for you. This Triton RTA System can not only introduce you into rebuildable atomizers, but can also help you save money in the process.

The Triton RTA System consists of 4 major components, all with the ability to connect to one another, and all giving you the ability to build your own coil head. The way this RTA system was designed, it allows you to insert one lead of your coil into a hole, and the oppisite side into another hole. Simply turning a screw to hold the coil into position, you can piece together the components and insert your cotton wick. It’s as simple as that, and you’ll be the one to decide if you want a huge vapor production or huge flavor production… or even both!

Aspire Triton RTA System Includes

  • 1x Aspire Triton RTA System
  • 1x Upper Hardware
  • 1x Middle Hardware
  • 1x Lower Hardware
  • 1x Rubber Grommet Insulator
  • 1x Set of Spring O-Rings
  • 1x Set of Spare Screws
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 1x Pre-built Coil
  • 1x Japanese Organic Cotton Pad

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Awesome RTA Kit!!!

I love when you can get these rta coils to actually build your own setup with your own cotton and type/Guage of wire! And, of course, saves tons of cash on Premade coils that can be anything from Kanthal to Nickel lol. This actual kit is very impressive, comes packaged in a tin with everything you need to make your own build and it's been 3 days without burning any cotton with just the great in the tin/packaging!!! ???? 7/5/2017

the complete paackaged for the best priced

a complete package that meets are my building rings….they also have this cool case where I store my stuff so it doesn’t get lost. 3/28/2017

beyond brilliant

a brilliant kit!! Very well packaged and the case is great I no longer loose the small screws and rings. One of the best purchases I have made this year

great system with this

iits great, now I don’t have to worry about losing the small parts that I keep losin! the case is great for me and now building is hassle free

love my clouds with this

I love making my own coils with my own designs so this is a must have kit for me, it’s a kit I would recommend for any builder who loves their clouds

Reviews 1 to 5 of 18 total

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