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Aspire Nautilus

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Arguably Aspire's most popular tank, the Nautilus is great for beginner and veteran vapers alike. The tank is made of stainless steel and Pyrex, making it both durable and easy to clean. It is 22mm in diameter, meaning it will look great on most mechs or pretty much any other mod. The tank holds 5 milliliters of juice, so once you fill it up you'll be vaping all day. At the bottom of the tank is the airflow control ring, which lets you choose between 0.9mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm and 1.8mm holes. Simply turn the ring to your desired setting and you'll get the exact vaping experience you're looking for.

The Nautilus is often considered to be the tank of 2014, but you shouldn't just think of it as last year's model. Plenty of vapers do not care for the direct lung inhale required for the latest sub ohm tanks, and this is part of why the Nautilus remains so popular today. While most recent tanks are using sub ohm coils, the Nautilus uses it's tried and true 1.6 ohm and 1.8 ohm BVCs (Bottom Vertical Coils). The 1.6 ohm coil can be used from 3.3-5.0 volts and the 1.8 ohm coil can be used from 3.3 to 6.0 volts (for those of you using variable voltage devices). You can expect these coils to last between 10 and 20 days, though this will vary based upon how often you use the tank and the PG/VG ratio of your juice. Aspire's BVCs will wick just about any juice, but a liquid with 60% and higher VG will burn out the coil faster than those that have more PG. We recommend that you pick up and extra pack of Aspire Nautilus/Mini BVC Replaceable Coils when you check out so that you can keep vaping for months.

Now some people are going to read all of that and think “Man, this tank sounds awesome, but it just isn't for me.” Why is that? Is it because you're afraid of breaking the glass? That's a reasonable concern, and we've got you covered with the available stainless steel Mesh Replacement Tank. Or maybe you think that the 5ml capacity makes this tank too big. If that's the case then check out the Aspire Nautilus Mini. The Mini has all the great features of it's big brother but drops the tank capacity down to 2 milliliters, making it a smaller overall package. It holds less juice, but this also means that you can swap out your flavors more often.

So what are you getting when you buy the Nautilus (other than an awesome vaping experience)? You get the tank itself, a 1.6 ohm coil head, a 1.8 ohm coil head, and a wide eGo cone cover in case you want to rock this bad boy on one of the eGo batteries we sell here at After you prime your new coil for about 30 seconds, you'll be ready to get vaping!


  • Size: Φ15mm * 80.3mm
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Weight: Single Nautilus 50.5g, Nautilus kit Pack 141g
  • Available resistance: 1.6ohm (3.3v-5.0v), 1.8ohm (3.3v-6.0v)
  • Airflow size: Ø0.9mm, Ø1.1mm, Ø1.4mm, Ø1.8mm
  • Glass tank color: Clear
  • Check out the Aspire Nautilus tank now for the best possible vape. Pair it with any of our large assortment of juices and mods here at today.

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chris cooper

great little tank.......

great beginner MTL tank. better than the Kanger Protanks IMO. Great flavor and handles good amount of juice. 12/10/2016

Best tank I've ever had

This is the ideal tank for me. I got a bad mesh replacement tank, but otherwise this tank has been perfect. 12/8/2016
[email protected]

Aspire Nautilus

I have quite a few tanks and they are in the drawer! I'm on my 4th or 5th tank. I have dropped a couple and the glass got a crack in one. I have had a problem with 3 tanks where it gets so fricken tight that I had to break out the small size channel locks to get the bottom off to refill. It got so tight that I broke the glass try to get the bottom off. I did not put it back on tight so I don't know if this is a defect or if the plastic meshing with metal causes it or what. I like having at least 2, so if 1 gets the extreme self-tightening issue I'll still have a fairly new 1. Its happened with almost every one. I have gotten a couple cheaply made clones that look identical. I'm back down to 1 so it's time to order another. Think I'm going to try the glass with the steel mesh when I order my tank. I broke 1 glass by knocking my MVP 3.0 PRO over and it hit just right. They look cool and might save the glass. I'm giving it a 4star because of the extreme self-tightening issue I've had. It beats the Aerotank, protank and every other tank I've tried. I think if the bottom pieces were all metal parts, self-tightening issue would disappear. It usually takes a long time before it starts and once it starts it keeps getting tighter and tighter til eventually you will break the glass when you need to refill. Sorry for so long but had tell my experience. 11/28/2016
William F

Aspire Nautilis

Aspire products, in general, are in my opinion the best available. The nautilus (and I have two that I use daily) are the best of the best. No leaks, large juice capacity, great taste & flavor production and coils that are perfect for mouth-to-lung vapers like myself. The nautilus mini is a close second for those who prefer the slimmer design and smaller juice capacity. I have several of them as well for rotating different flavors. 9/30/2016
Steve B


Great product at a great price. Works perfectly. I'm very happy 9/20/2016

Reviews 1 to 5 of 19 total

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