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Success Stories

Take a look at our recent comments that were sent in from our loyal affiliates.

Aaron's Story

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Aaron B.

Persephone's Story

"I've been a writer/blogger/artist/designer all of my life. Lately though, I wanted to expand into money making opportunities online that I can do from home. I purchased from ecig.com before when I needed a new ego battery and signed up for this affiliate program in January. After I started spreading the word about them, I made my first sale a week later. I was so excited because I didn't have to really do anything. I watched my "sales" go up day by day and after a few weeks, I asked for my first $100 commission check. Did I mention I barely did anything but blog about them?!"

Persephone K.
New York

Jim's Story

"This is my story. I own a lot of domain names (like a lot a lot). I used ecig.com's banners and links on my parked domain names and after a few days, I checked my affiliate account. I MADE SIX SALES which means I was getting a check. This website basically paid me more than AdSense did in much less time. Thanks ecig.com!

Jim H.