's Affiliate Program

We are proud to announce the rollout of our new and exciting multi tiered Affiliate Program! is offering commission of 15% on all customers you send our way.

The average cigarette smoker spends over $2,500 dollars a year on cigarettes.
The average ecig user spends over $1,200 dollars a year on ecig products.

Commission Rate Customer's Purchases Your Commission
15% $1,200/per yr. $180.00/per yr.

If your referrals spend the industry average at you would earn over $180 dollars per year per customer.

If you referred two people a day for one year that spends the industry average with us you would be earning over $131,000 annually in commissions!

Coupon Code

Affiliates are provided with their very own personalized 5% off coupon code. This not only allows us to track their word of mouth referrals, but also incentivizes usage for first time buyers. Your affiliate ID is the coupon code which a customer can use to get the 5% discount but it's only good on their first purchase.

Vaping is one of the most social activities in the world, why not help people save money and make a little money for yourself in the process!